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Georgia Cuts Funds for Standardized Tests

The state cut funding for a variety of standardized tests this year to save millions of dollars. First and second graders won’t be taking the CRCT test this year. Legislators cut the funding, but earlier this summer, Governor Perdue wanted it restored.

SACS Questions Policies of DeKalb Schools

A third Georgia school system may have accreditation problems with the agency that oversees the standards. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools has ordered the DeKalb County school district to provide evidence of their compliance with its guidelines by Sept. 11. SACS will use that information to decide whether a full-scale investigation into the system's policies is necessary.

Few Public College Students Are Undocumented

The university system of Georgia found that very few students entering this year are undocumented. The analysis comes after one Kennesaw State University student was found to be illegally in the country.

Few New Undocumented Students In Ga. Colleges

Just 242 students incoming students at Georgia's public colleges and universities are undocumented.

Regents To Approve More System Cuts--If Needed

The state’s University System is already running more than $220 million dollars leander for this school year. Now the Board of Regents is approving plans for even deeper cuts if state revenues remain weak.

1 In 4 College Freshmen Need Remedial Classes

One in four first-time freshmen entering the University System of Georgia require remedial classes. The statistics from the Board of Regents.

Nursing Gets Federal Boost

The Medical College of Georgia has received a $950,000 federal grant to help train nurses at the doctoral level. The program will prepare nurses for the acute care and critical care settings.

Pastor Arrested During Protest

Warner Robins police say they've charged pastor Donald Crosby with picketing without a permit for protesting Warner Robins High School's "Demon" nickname and mascot. Police spokeswoman Tabitha Pugh says 36-year-old Crosby was arrested on Monday after police told him he didn't have a permit, as required by the city.

DeKalb Schools Could Get SACS Focus

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools wants DeKalb school officials to respond to seven questions by the end of this month.

UGA Named Top U.S. Party School

The University of Georgia has won a national title this year -- top party school. The Princeton Review announced Monday that Georgia is the country's No. 1 party school on its now infamous annual list, ahead of No. 2 Ohio University and No. 3 Pennsylvania State University.