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Kids Fitness Program Beats State Mandate

House Bill 229 will require kids to take a fitness test. Some schools implementing requirements early. Goal is to help rising childhood obesity rates in Georgia.

Schools Make Plans For Federal Funds

Public schools now know how much federal money they will be getting from a bill passed earlier this month to save teacher jobs. Some systems will use it to prop up next year’s budget when stimulus funds run out.

Budget Cuts Limit School Transfers

Some Georgia public school students are not able to transfer as easily to other schools as they used to. Due to budget cuts, some schools are too maxed out for transfer students.

Military Spouses Gain Education Aid

Spouses of active duty Fort Benning soldiers will see their education benefits extended. The state has secured more funding for Career Advancement Accounts, or CAA’s. About 100 additional spouses can get grants to continue their education.

Formal Apology For Expelled Students

Albany State University is honoring students who were permanently expelled from the school in the early 1960s because of their participation in the civil rights movement. The university will issue a formal apology and present honorary degrees to the students as part of a yearlong celebration.

Ga. Tech Wins $10M Grant To Study Autism

Georgia Tech is leading a team of universities that received a $10 million federal grant to develop a computerized early warning system for young children who have autism. The five-year National Science Foundation award will go to researchers designing a tool that would use cameras, microphones, and on-body sensors to identify symptoms of autism in children.

School Systems Band Together Against Charter School Commission

School systems are banding together against the State’s charter school commission—which has the authority to grant charters after local boards have denied them.

State Wins Historic Education Grant

The U.S. Education Department says Georgia, eight other states and the District of Columbia will receive money in the second round of the $4.35 billion "Race to the Top" school reform grant competition.

Perdue Names Investigators for CRCT Probe

Perdue said Friday that former DeKalb County district attorney Bob Wilson and former attorney general Mike Bowers will launch a probe into accusations that educators changed students' tests in Atlanta Public Schools and Dougherty County schools in spring 2009.

Judge Rules Against ASU Student

A federal court judge has ruled against the Augusta State University student who is suing the school for alleged religious discrimination. Judge J. Randal Hall said in an order filed Friday that Jennifer Keeton can be expelled from ASU's counseling program if she does not complete a remediation plan involving diversity and sensitivity training about homosexuality.