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Cyber Schools Approved

Georgia Students will now be able to attend high school online.

Regents OK Undocumented Students

In response to criticism from some state lawmakers, the state University Board of Regents says undocumented students are allowed to attend Georgia’s public colleges and universities. 14 state senators sent a letter to the Regents this week saying it’s against the law to admit undocumented students into state schools.

Illegal Students Under Scrutiny

14 state senators are scolding the Board of Regents. They say the board has done a poor job complying with immigration laws.

Schools Get New Chief

Brad Bryant named Georgia interim state schools' chief.

Colleges to Verify Tuition Rates for Illegals

The state's 35 public colleges and universities have two months to sift through more than 300,000 students.

Early Grades' CRCT Testing in Limbo

It’s not clear whether 1st and 2nd graders will have to take the CRCT next year. Lawmakers had removed the funding from the budget, but the governor wants to restore it.

Savannah Plans School Clinic

Providing comprehensive primary health care, it would be the first outside Metro Atlanta.

Teachers Told To Sign Memorandum Or Resign

Federal dollars come with stings attached for Bibb County educators

Coffee Co. Schools Face Sanction

An accrediting agency gives the school board six months to a year to shape up.

Anti-Bullying Bill Now Law

A bill intended to prevent and address bullying at school is now law.