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Head Start Reopens With $10M Pledge

National Head Start Association officials say a donation of up to $10 million from two philanthropists will help keep Head Start programs running during the federal government shutdown. Programs in Georgia that closed last week are among those who will be able to keep running with the money.

School Officials Warn Of 'Knockout' Game

School district officials in western Georgia are asking parents to ensure their children aren't playing a game called the "Knockout Challenge." Pediatricians warn the game poses health risks — including death — to participants.

Mistake Delays School Internet Boost

State education officials have pulled the plug on a project described as the largest Internet expansion in Georgia school history. The $3.6 million for the Internet upgrade is part of a plan to bring all 180 school districts up to speed in an increasingly digital era. But someone forgot to add $3.6 million to an upcoming bond issue.

Emory-Tibet Link Shares Science, Compassion

The Dalai Lama visits the Atlanta area this week for a series of public discussions on responsible citizenship in our globalized society and the role of secular ethics in education. The Emory-Tibet Partnership organized the Tibetan leader’s visit, his third since he became a Presidential Distinguished Professor at Emory University. The partnership is helping teach modern science in Tibetan monasteries and studying the Tibetan knowledge of the inner self.

Educating Georgia’s Future Workforce

According to a new report, the skill level of Georgia’s workforce won’t meet the needs of future jobs.

Details Emerge On School Rifle Plan

Under a plan being discussed by a northeast Georgia school district, Colt 6920 M4 carbine rifles would be stored in safes inside schools to defend students in a school shooting. Details of the plan by Gainesville City Schools were discussed Monday, as parents and teachers met with city police.

Common Core Review Underway

The state school board released a draft plan [today/Thursday] for reviewing the Common Core curriculum. The review follows persistent complaints that the curriculum dictates how to teach children. Some state school officials say the review probably won’t put an end to the doubts.

Ga. Average SAT Scores Flat

Georgia's average score on this year's SAT college entrance exam was unchanged from last year, mirroring a national trend as scores were generally stagnant for a third year. Nationwide, African-American students made slight gains, the College Board said Thursday.

9 Ga. 'Blue Ribbon' Schools

The U.S. Department of Education is recognizing eight Georgia public schools and one private school as 2013 National Blue Ribbon Schools. State education officials announced the awards Tuesday. Nationally, 264 public and 50 private schools were recognized for their overall academic excellence or for making progress in closing the achievement gap.

Education Secretary Asks Executives To Lobby Congress

U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan asked business executives at a summit in Atlanta to pressure their Congressmen to support additional funding for early childhood education.