Concert inspires confidence and cultural diversity through music.
The state board of education is pressuring the Atlanta Public School System to turn in its report investigating suspicious erasure marks on their CRCT tests last year.
A new report says public colleges and universities in Georgia brought in nearly 13 billion dollars during the last fiscal year. The Selig Center for Economic Growth report says last year nearly 3 percent of all jobs in Georgia were with the...
Georgia's Board of Education is expected to adopt a set of national education benchmarks.
Last year 28,500 Georgia students received corporal punishment. That’s According to the state’s discipline action report. Georgia is one of 20 states that still allow the practice at schools.
Louisiana and Virginia spend more on students than Georgia.
Fourteen school systems will divvy up about $4.5 million to build more bike paths and walkways around their schools.
Two more Georgia school systems are going to a four day week next year.
Georgia Students will now be able to attend high school online.
In response to criticism from some state lawmakers, the state University Board of Regents says undocumented students are allowed to attend Georgia’s public colleges and universities. 14 state senators sent a letter to the Regents this week...
14 state senators are scolding the Board of Regents. They say the board has done a poor job complying with immigration laws.