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Georgia Students Receive Obama Scholarship

Three Georgia students are recipients of a scholarship sponsered by President Obama. It's being funded by money he recieved from winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

Regents Chancellor To Retire

University System of Georgia Chancellor Erroll B. Davis says he will retire next year.

Students To Rally Against College Cuts

Georgia students will rally in downtown Atlanta this afternoon to protest budget cuts.

Barnes and Deal Say Pre-K Trumps Hope

Two of Georgia's Gubernatorial Candidates say that the State’s Pre-K program is more important than the Hope Scholarship. Republican Nathan Deal and Democrat Roy Barnes spoke to a group of early childhood advocates in Atlanta Tuesday.

Researchers Develop Autism Phone App

University of Georgia researchers have received more than a million dollars to develop a mobile phone application for people with autism and developmental disabilities.

State Considers Getting Rid Of Graduation Test

The Georgia Department of Education is considering a change in the way students are tested before graduating. The Georgia High School Graduation Test could be on its way out.

Race To The Top Funds Divided Amongst Districts

26 Georgia school districts find out what percentage of 200-million dollars they will receive. Money for improving schools. Funds should be released by early next year.

More Students Score High In AP Exam

More Georgia students in Advanced Placement courses had higher scores in their exams than their national counterparts. The department of Education says 11.4 percent of Georgia AP test takers scored a 3, 4 or 5 compared to 8.3 percent nationwide.

Researchers Work To Keep Students In Online Classes

Online courses have become more popular. Thousands of Georgia students now log on for college credits instead of walking into brick and mortar classrooms. But studies show that far more students drop out of online classes then their face to face counterparts. Some researchers at Kennesaw State University say getting on-line students to stay is an uphill battle.

New Journalism Center Will Focus On Education

A new grant will create an education reporting center in five southern states. GPB will lead the consortium which will add eight journalists to the region.