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Brunswick To Get Boost From 4-Year College

The impact of the College of Coastal Georgia's transformation from a two-year to a four-year school will reach well beyond the college's campus.

Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Ban Illegal Immigrants at State Public Colleges

The legislation prefiled Wednesday by state Rep. Tom Rice would prohibit all of the university system's 35 schools from admitting illegal immigrants.

Nurse Demand On The Rise

As the state struggles with a critical lack of physicians, nurses too could soon become scarce. The impending shortage could actually be caused by improvements in the economy.

Ga. Moves Toward Fewer Tests For Students

The state is planning to phase out the Georgia High School Graduation Test, which students must pass to get a diploma.

Sponge Bath Robot Gets Attention

A Robot that gives Sponge baths has gotten a lot of attention after Researchers at Georgia Tech posted a video of the procedure on line. The invention is part of Techs venture into health care robots.

Talking Numbers Counts For Kids' Math Skills

A new study by University of Chicago psychology professor Susan Levine finds that simply repeating the numbers isn't as good as helping kids understand what they mean.

MCG To Open Rome Campus

The Medical College of Georgia will open a new campus in Rome as part of a continued effort to increase its presence across the state.

UGA Adds Degree In Tifton

Students can now get agri-business degree at Tifton campus. Demand for major is high. Students asked for it.

Athletics To Fund UGA Professorship

For the first time ever, the University of Georgia Athletic Association is paying for a distinguished professorship at the university.

Tighter Rules For Teacher Raises

The state has tightened its rules on higher salaries for teachers who earn advanced degrees. No longer will just any advanced degree put them into an upper salary range.