Concert inspires confidence and cultural diversity through music.
Officials at The University of Georgia want to bring a new engineering program to the college. It could mean competition for some other state schools.
Children in several Georgia counties will be getting free flu vaccinations at school. It’s the first time the state has offered the program to counties. The program’s intent is to keep kids healthy and in school.
A committee of the Georgia Board of Regents Tuesday approved a plan to prevent illegal immigrants from attending state schools.
South Georgia's Coffee County Schools will get another visit from their accrediting agency next month. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools placed the system on probation earlier this year after school board members became...
The Democratic and Republican candidates for governor both say if elected, they’d make education a top priority. Both Nathan Deal and Roy Barnes spoke to a teachers’ group this week.
The University of Georgia says, it attracted more research funding in the fiscal year that ended in June than it's ever attracted before. The record-breaking amount, $176 million, was bolstered by $24 million in federal stimulus money that...
The Board of Regents voted to allow the Medical College of Georgia to change its name. Officials say the new name is a better fit for the state’s only public medical school.
The governing body for the state’s 35 colleges and universities is doing a tour of a handful of institutions this week. Tuesday the Board of Regents were spread across north Georgia.
Georgia high school students fared worse on the SAT college-entrance exam for the fourth year in a row. The state's average score on the test was 1,453, a seven-point drop from last year and a 24-point drop from 2006, when scores began to...
Georgia’s public high schools could receive grades under a plan being considered by the state Board of Education. Currently the only measure of a school’s performance is the federal Annual Yearly Progress test, also known as AYP.