Thousands fleeing violence and oppression abroad have settled in Georgia in recent decades, many in the city of Clarkston, 10 miles east of Atlanta. A summer camp there has been helping refugee children transition to life in the U.S.
UGA Cooperative Extension offices have lost 23-percent of funding. Offices will see changes. New model based on 'tiers of service'.
The Department of Education reminds schools that if they fail to address bullying, they could be in violation of federal anti-discrimination laws.
The Board of Regents wants to improve graduation rates at Georgia’s 35 public colleges and universities. The board is asking college presidents to stretch resources in order to get the job done.
Georgia's high school graduation rate has increased dramatically since 2003. Governor Perdue and State School Superintendent Brad Bryant announced the results on Tuesday.
The Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education has started its annual bus trip across the state showcasing seven high-performing public schools.
Some state lawmakers have discussed possible legislation about seat belts in school buses after the death of a 17 year old student this month.
The University of Georgia’s College of Veterinary Medicine will spend more than 2 million dollars to get a high tech research lab up to federal code. The cost comes after a string of setbacks and overruns for the facility.
A 3 year study of seat belts on school buses found that it’s not the most cost effective way to prevent fatalities. The report released in Alabama Monday will be studied by Georgia lawmakers. The study was commissioned by Alabama Governor Bob...
The creator of the Segway and founder of the student robotic challenge is building excitement for invention in another way.
The money will help support students from low-income households among others.