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U.S. Supreme Court To Hear Georgia Florida Water Case

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear a lawsuit filed by Florida that seeks to limit the amount of water Georgia can take from a shared river system.

Governor Nathan Deal and Senator Jason Carter

A Runoff Explained

What is a runoff, when would it take place if it is needed and how does it impact voters? Political Rewind’s Bill Nigut provides an explainer.

Supreme Court Case Tests Status Of Jerusalem

Can U.S. citizens born in Jerusalem list Israel as their place of birth on their passports? A 12-year-old boy is contesting the U.S. position that no one has sovereignty over the city.

What If The Senate Isn't Decided On Election Day?

The election outlook is promising for the GOP. But there are a few scenarios that could have America waiting well beyond Nov. 4 to know which party controls the Senate.

It Turns Out That Fighting Polio Is Good Training To Fight Ebola

Nigeria knows how to beat back polio. And that's helped in the battle against Ebola. But other West African countries are struggling to beat the deadly virus and neglecting anti-polio efforts.

HBO's 'Olive Kitteridge' May Be The Best Depiction Of Marriage On TV

HBO's miniseries, starring Frances McDormand as a sharp-tongued wife, concludes tonight. NPR TV critic Eric Deggans calls it an unsparing, detailed look at the most quietly troubled marriage on TV.

Armor For Batteries Could Protect Hungry Kids From Harm

Thousands of children swallow tiny batteries used in watches, calculators and toys each year. A team from MIT and Harvard is working on a pressure-sensitive insulating shield to prevent damage.

'Car Talk' Co-Host Tom Magliozzi Dies At 77

As half of the wisecracking NPR radio show, Tom Magliozzi made us laugh at our car problems. He and his brother, Ray, also taught us how things work.

University Neighbors Wonder How Development Helps Them

Mercer University asked Macon-Bibb County for financial aid on a proposed residential and retail development near campus. What do the people who already live near the proposed project think?

Sandwich Monday: The Baco

For this week's Sandwich Monday, we try a Baco not the bacon bit, but the bao-taco hybrid from Saucy Porka in Chicago.