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Iranian Rally Marking Anniversary Of U.S. Hostage Crisis Has A Twist

It's been 35 years since the storming of the U.S. embassy in Tehran triggered a 444-day hostage crisis. Today saw more cries of "Down with America," plus some interesting demands from the crowd.

More Scrutiny Coming For Medicare Advantage, Obamacare

The Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General said it would review Medicare Advantage billing practices with an eye toward curbing overcharges.

It's Election Day: Here Are 5 Headlines That Tell The Story

Thirty-six Senate seats and 36 governor's chairs are in play today. And if forecasts are right, it could be a long time before we find out what it all means.

Police Capture Mexican Mayor Accused Of Ordering Student Kidnappings

Federal police said Jos Luis Abarca and his wife were captured near Mexico City. Authorities say Abarca, the former mayor of Iguala, ordered local police to kidnap protesting students.

Indian Supreme Court Says Ban On Female Makeup Artists Is Discrimination

The union that represents makeup artists in the world's largest film industry bars women from doing the job. The court called it a "constitutionally impermissible discrimination."

7 Places To Watch On Election Day

Whether it's because of their size, demographic make-up, or the unique role they play, these places will have an outsized role in state and possibly national politics this year.

China Says It's Developed A Laser To Bring Down Drones

The laser, China said, can destroy small-scale drones flying at a low altitude. The U.S. tested a similar system, last year. It put it aboard a ship in the Persian Gulf.

Army Eyes 3-D Printed Food for Soldiers

The Army has long used high-tech tools to make meals for our troops. Now, military scientists are turning away from pots and pans, and looking to 3-D printers to make nutritious food.