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Education Leaders Deal With Snow Days

The state Department of Education gives districts up to 4 emergency days set aside for things like disasters and snow days.

Regents To Tie Presidential Pay, Graduation Rates

The Georgia university system wants to hold college presidents more accountable for student graduation. The Board of Regents this year is expected to approve a new salary structure for college and university presidents to place more emphasis on graduation rates.

UGA Marks 50 Years of Integration

It's been 50 years the first African-American students walked onto the campus of the University of Georgia. Hamilton Holmes and Charlayne Hunter-Gault were outstanding high school students in Atlanta. And Civil Rights leaders asked them to help integrate the school in Athens. It took years of legal wrangling to gain their admittance.

UGA Plans Oil Spill Conference

Scientists, government officials, community leaders and journalists will gather at the University of Georgia this month for a symposium that will examination communication during the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

More Kids Need Free Lunch

The number of Georgia K-12 students qualified for free or reduced-price lunches has jumped 4 percent in the last two years. Now, more than 57 percent of students can enroll in the program.

DeKalb Could Close Schools

The DeKalb County school board has presented a proposal to close 12 elementary school and use a high school and middle school to house magnet programs.

Georgia Schools Offer Lesson In Living With Cutbacks

How are school districts coping with reduced budgets? Franklin County, in northeast Georgia, provides an object lesson.

Watch Again: Helping Teachers Improve Via Video

The Gates Foundation is spending millions of dollars to answer a very difficult question: What makes a great teacher great?

Education Year In Review: Did We Learn Anything in 2010?

NPR education reporters Larry Abramson and Claudio Sanchez discuss the past year in education — and what's to come in 2011. Among stories to look out for in the new year are the political repercussions from failure to pass the DREAM act, the slow start for Race to the Top (President Obama's version of No Child Left Behind) and funding cuts in local school districts.

Electronic GED Testing For Georgians

Change is coming to the GED program. Georgia will be among the first states in the country where the high school equivalency test will be offered electronically.