Thousands fleeing violence and oppression abroad have settled in Georgia in recent decades, many in the city of Clarkston, 10 miles east of Atlanta. A summer camp there has been helping refugee children transition to life in the U.S.
The state has tightened its rules on higher salaries for teachers who earn advanced degrees. No longer will just any advanced degree put them into an upper salary range.
Rochester, Minn superintendent Romain Dallemand has been chosen to lead the school system, replacing Sharon Patterson who was forced out earlier this year.
Lt. Gen. P.K. Keen will discuss the work of the military in Haiti post the deadly earthquake for a Veteran's Day event.
More than 400 students from across the state will walk in the shoes of delegates from the the world's most influential governmental organization.
The state Board of Regents has approved the University of Georgia's request to offer engineering degrees.
Savannah-Chatham County school officials say, they expect some push-back because of new school reform ideas being considered as part of the federal Race to the Top program. Under that program, the public schools in Chatham County would get about $...
The professional services firm is helping to advance the school's research, student organizations and scholarships.
The "Georgia Apply to College Week" campaign aims to help high school students apply to colleges throughout the state.
The university will receive a portion of the federal money the state won to introduce new science, technology, engineering and mathematics courses and expand teacher training.
Some state lawmakers don’t want illegal immigrants in public colleges and universities. Right now the institutions can accept illegal immigrants as students so long as they pay out of state tuition and all citizens and legal immigrants have...