The state university in Savannah is dropping the word "Atlantic" from its name beginning in July.
The professional services firm is helping to advance the school's research, student organizations and scholarships.
The "Georgia Apply to College Week" campaign aims to help high school students apply to colleges throughout the state.
The university will receive a portion of the federal money the state won to introduce new science, technology, engineering and mathematics courses and expand teacher training.
Some state lawmakers don’t want illegal immigrants in public colleges and universities. Right now the institutions can accept illegal immigrants as students so long as they pay out of state tuition and all citizens and legal immigrants have...
Next week the Board of Regents will decide whether or not to allow new engineering programs at the University of Georgia. The controversial proposal has drawn sharp opposition from some critics.
North Georgia commissions about 75 officers a year and the U.S. Army is looking for more soldiers fluent in languages that are considered Strategic.
Researchers at two Georgia universities are using the social networking site Second Life to help disabled students succeed in math and science. The program is the first of its kind and is being funded by the National Science Foundation.
Research indicates that when parents get involved in a child's education, academic achievement improves. That may explain why one prosecutor suggests parents should serve jail time for missing parent teacher meetings. "Talk of the Nation...
A judge has granted a request by Augusta State University to stop some court proceedings in the case of a student suing the school over alleged religious discrimination. It could be a sign that the case will be thrown out.
The Atlanta School Board is holding another meeting tonight to end the strife that may cause state intervention.