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You Can Monitor Your Baby's Vital Signs 24/7, But Should You?

A new generation of baby monitors lets new parents track their child's heartbeat and other vital signs. But they're not health devices, a pediatrician warns, and could give a false sense of security.

Sarah Jones

Lawsuit Settled In Death Of Georgia Camera Assistant

The family of a film worker who was killed in a train accident while shooting a movie near Savannah has reached a settlement with several defendants in a civil suit.

America's 'Best Restroom 2014' Is Verdant And Curvy

The top bathroom in America is currently at Philadelphia's Longwood Gardens, where 17 commodious chambers are built into what the facility says is the largest "green wall" on the continent.

Gilead Buys Shortcut For FDA Drug Review For $125 Million

The Food and Drug Administration priority review voucher comes from a Canadian company that got it by developing a drug for leishmaniasis, a disease long neglected by pharmaceutical companies.

Oh, The Places You'll Go: Toilet Signs Try To Help (And Often Fail)

Do I squat or sit? What can I flush? Is there even a way to flush? Signs from around the world aim to answer your vital toilet questions. Sometimes they're helpful. Sometimes they're just ... weird..

A Jazz Institution Moves Back Home To Los Angeles

Jazz's highest-profile competition recently crowned a new victor in a star-studded gala. But for the Thelonious Monk Institute, competition is only a small part of its desire to be back out West.

Obama To Unveil Immigration Plan On Thursday

The president will then address the issue in a speech at a Las Vegas high school on Friday.

Me, Myself And The Loo: A Woman's Future Can Rest On A Toilet

"My Toilet," a new photo exhibit in London, documents how commodes or the lack of a proper one affect the health, safety and education of girls and women around the world.