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Medical School Hiring Could Surge

The president of Georgia’s only public medical school wants to hire 500 new faculty members by 2018. It’s part of an effort to make the Georgia Health Sciences University in Augusta one of the top research schools in the country.

Emory U Gets Donation Of $1M In Rare Books

The 22-title collection includes one of the first books ever printed in English, "Polychronicon," a 15th century volume of universal history.

Race To The Top Update

More than two dozen school districts across the state are getting closer to putting to use the first infusion of Race to the Top money.

Database Improves Data On Students

Most of Georgia’s 180 school districts have agreed to join a statewide computer database that stores student information. Officials with the state Department of Education say the network will hold test scores and attendance records and make it easier for teachers to track student progress.

Slim Budget Reignites School Choice Debate

Georgia is running out of money for a program that had public and private school advocates protesting three years ago. That's when lawmakers approved a tax credit that funds private schools. The credit has proved popular. And now that the state is closing in on the program's budget limit, private school advocates say, lawmakers should increase funding.

Ga. School Districts Revamp Bullying Policies

School districts in Georgia are revamping policies to combat bullying based on new state guidelines, hoping to stem behavior that educators across the country say has become rampant in schools.

More Fears Over Pre-K Cuts

Georgia already has 10,000 children waiting for a spot in one of its pre-kindergarten programs. In Augusta some educators worry that potential cuts to pre-k could mean the list won’t be shrinking any time soon.

iPads Instead Of Books? It Could Happen Here

The President Pro Temp of the Georgia Senate says, he'd like to start up pilot programs to see if books in Georgia middle schools could be replaced with iPads. Tommie Williams says, Georgia wouldn't be the first state to try going bookless. Texas and Virginia schools are trying iPads -- as is one private school in Savannah.

Atlanta Mayor: State Has Stake In City's Schools

The mayor of Atlanta, Kasim Reed, says he won’t try to take over the Atlanta School Board...for now. Infighting among board members has put the Atlanta Public School system in danger of losing its accreditation.

Study: Students Need More Career Help

The current U.S. education system is failing to prepare millions of young adults for successful careers by providing a one-size-fits-all approach, a new study published by Harvard University concludes.