Earl Colvin, executive director of the Cannonball House, gave me the short version of his driving tour of Macon's Civil War sites. While some of the landmarks he points out are well known, others are seldom seen, but right under our noses.
The state might have to step in if the Atlanta School Board is not able to find common ground. A judge will hear arguments today by members of the boad who have split into two factions.
Investigations continue into possible wrongdoing on CRCT tests by some Atlanta and Dougherty County teachers. The state’s largest teachers group wants to make sure there's help for any of its member-educators affected by the probe.
Dr. Beverly Hall is stepping down after her contract expires next year.
The Georgia Historical Society Monday installed a new Civil War marker in the southwest Georgia town of Quitman. The plaque commemorates a failed slave revolt in the town near the Florida border. Three slaves and their white ringleader named John...
After 70 years football is returning to Mercer University in Macon. Board of Trustees voted unanimously to hire a coach and build a stadium. Play set to begin in 2013.
The legislation prefiled Wednesday by state Rep. Tom Rice would prohibit all of the university system's 35 schools from admitting illegal immigrants.
The impact of the College of Coastal Georgia's transformation from a two-year to a four-year school will reach well beyond the college's campus.
A new study by University of Chicago psychology professor Susan Levine finds that simply repeating the numbers isn't as good as helping kids understand what they mean.
A Robot that gives Sponge baths has gotten a lot of attention after Researchers at Georgia Tech posted a video of the procedure on line. The invention is part of Techs venture into health care robots.
The state is planning to phase out the Georgia High School Graduation Test, which students must pass to get a diploma.