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Changes In The School Lunchroom Could Help Georgia's Fight Against Childhood Obesity

Federal guidelines changing for school lunches. Bibb County serving more fresh fruits and vegetables. Cutting back on sodium and sugar as well.

Exercise Could Make Obese Children Smarter

This week, GPB is focusing on the problem of childhood obesity in the state.  The statistics have reached epidemic levels.  Georgia ranks second in the nation for children who are obese or overweight.  Experts say kids need to be more physically active in order to drop the pounds and avoid heart disease and diabetes down the road. But a new study says exercise doesn’t just make kids healthier it may actually make them smarter. 

Hope Scholarship Cuts Revealed Tomorrow

Tomorrow, lawmakers are expected to reveal details about their plan to cut Hope scholarship funding.

State Approves Expanded Online Education

Georgia Cyber Academy will become K-12. Students are now on a waiting list. Enrollment is expected to be around 8,500 this fall.

Chancellor: Tuition Hike Likely For Ga. Colleges

College students in Georgia likely will see a tuition increase again this year.

Ga. Students Building Oil Cleanup Machine

Members of Kell High School's robotics team are using a $10,000 grant to build a machine that could aid in the cleanup of oil spills. The group came up with the idea after learning about the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill last year.

Hope Proposal Tightens Eligibility

State lottery sales can no longer keep up with demand for the HOPE scholarship. Lawmakers plan to introduce legislation on Tuesday to remedy Hope's depleting funds.

Trail Blazing Student Returns To Mercer

Mercer's first black student returns nearly 50 years later. Sam Oni and his former roomate Dr. Donald Baxter address students. Reflects on what is was like on campus in 1963.

Democrats Take Stance On School Tax Credit And More

Democrats in the state House have introduced a few education measures. The bills address cyber bullying, parental involvement in public schools and the more controversial public dollars funding private institutions.

Illegal Student Bill Passes Committee

A bill that would make it law in Georgia to keep undocumented students out of the state's public universities passed a House committee.