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Is Ted Cruz Running For President...In 2008?

Even in an age of galloping ambition, the Texan rides ahead of the pack. Obama liked to quote Martin Luther King's line about "the fierce urgency of now," Cruz seeks to embody it at every turn.

Socialists Don't Sit Around And Other BMJ Christmas Articles

Researchers found that leftists and their conservative counterparts were more physically active than centrists. Another tongue-in-cheek study in the journal concluded that men are idiots.

Sandwich Monday: The Hanukkah Miracle

For this week's Sandwich Monday, guest eater Dan Pashman shares with us a creation that members of every faith can enjoy. It's a latke-doughnut sandwich called the Hanukkah Miracle.


Physicians With Spotty Records Hired To Treat Georgia Inmates

More than 20 percent of doctors working in Georgia’s state prisons have been cited for misconduct by medical boards in Georgia and other states.

Georgia Ports Authority

Congress Approves Money For Savannah Harbor Expansion

A $1.1 trillion spending bill approved by Congress contains a small amount of money to help begin deepening the Port of Savannah's shipping channel.

Supreme Court Upholds North Carolina Traffic Stop

The court has upheld a cocaine conviction that began when police stopped a car with just one brake light, even though state law in North Carolina requires only one brake lamp.

Dr. Kent Brantly: The Lessons He's Learned From Fighting Ebola

"We run the risk of going from hysteria to a sense of indifference," says the now-recovered physician. "And I think that is even more dangerous than our fear."

Endless Ebola Epidemic? That's The 'Risk We Face Now,' CDC Says

Dr. Thomas Frieden visits West Africa this week to assess the fight against Ebola. His goal? Figure out how to keep the disease from turning into a permanent problem.