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Henry Kissinger's Thoughts On The Islamic State, Ukraine And 'World Order'

A stable global system is needed more than ever, Kissinger says in his new book, World Order. He explains why he sees Iran as a "bigger problem" than the Islamic State and offers his views on Ukraine.

Turboprop Plane With Unresponsive Pilot Crashes Off Jamaican Coast

The private plane left Rochester, N.Y. at 8:45 a.m. EDT and lost contact with air traffic controllers at 10 a.m. EDT. Fighter jets intercepted it, but broke off when the plane entered Cuban airspace.

If It's Not About Sex, It Must Be About Money Unless It's About Power

Former Gov. Bob McDonnell's conviction is a reminder that politicians are more likely to be nailed for petty chiseling than for fleecing the public treasury for billions in pork barrel projects.

Ebola Spurs A Full Public Lockdown In Sierra Leone

The lockdown's effectiveness will depend on citizens buying in to the government's plan. The news comes as the World Health Organization says it's speeding up delivery of possible vaccines.

Bengals' Signing Of Player Will Let Him Pay For Daughter's Cancer Care

For Devon Still, the Cincinnati Bengals' decision means he'll be able to stay close to his daughter and it will help pay the roughly $1 million her fight against cancer will require.

Crews Search For Wreckage Of N.Y. Couple's Plane Near Jamaica

The plane's occupants are believed to have been real estate developer Larry Glazer, who may have been at the controls, and his wife, Jane, who owned a catalog business.

A Botched Circumcision Calls Attention To Kenyan Ritual

Tribal elders now receive training for safer procedures. But last month, at a 3 a.m. ceremony in the forest, an elder from the Bukusu tribe accidentally cut off a 13-year-old's penis.

Tech Week That Was: So Many Hacks, So Little Time

There's a consistent thread in the tech news dominating all our attention this week stolen data. We tried to add a little context to the coverage.

Manliness In Music: The XY Hits The Hi-Fi

There's no shortage of songs about what it means to be a man. But what makes some music sound "manly" and what attracts men to play and listen to certain genres of music? The answers are changing.

The Changing Face Of West Africa Has Fueled The Ebola Crisis

Population growth, the cutting down of forests and increased mobility all contribute to the current crisis. "The virus hasn't changed," says one infectious disease expert. "Africa has changed."