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After Losing Parents To Ebola, Orphans Face Stigma

UNICEF estimates that thousands of children in West Africa have lost parents to Ebola. Convincing communities to accept and care for these children isn't always easy.

What You Need To Know For Medicare Open Enrollment

There will be fewer plans to pick from this time around. But people can still expect plenty of options for prescriptions drugs and privately run insurance through Medicare Advantage.

Ebola virus image

Cobb County Inmate Tests Negative for Ebola

Officials say a man in police custody in Cobb County has undergone tests for the Ebola virus and initial results are negative for symptoms that are precursors for the illness.

Al-Qaida Reasserts Itself With Khorasan Group

Some critics say the al-Qaida unit known as the Khorasan Group was bluffed up as an excuse for U.S. airstrikes in Syria. Intelligence officials and analysts say the group exists and is dangerous.

Dallas Health Officials Lower Ebola 'Contact Traces' To 50

A doctor at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas says the list of "contact traces" has been narrowed and that "will be followed on a daily basis" to check for symptoms.

Sweden To Recognize Palestinian State

The move, which was announced by Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, would make Sweden the first major European nation to take that step.

A Simple Question Can Stop Ebola: How Do You Feel?

Modern medicine offers no easy way to spot Ebola early. The key to preventing an outbreak is still old-fashioned detective work.

Here's How An Ebola Quarantine Works In The U.S.

The family that hosted Ebola patient Thomas Duncan in Dallas is under quarantine. It's a time-honored public health tool to stop the spread of infectious disease. But it can be abused.

Is Enterovirus D68 Behind The Mysterious Paralysis In Children?

Several dozen children in California and Colorado have suffered paralyzed limbs, which doctors speculate could be caused by the respiratory virus EV-68. But we're a long way from knowing for sure.