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Bombing Ruins Gaza's Only Power Plant

Israel broadened its bombing campaign on Tuesday, bringing the Palestinian death toll above 1,200. Brief hope for a cease-fire was quickly dashed.

Macon's Only Action In Civil War Was The Sole Confederate Victory In Sherman's March

Wednesday marks the 150th anniversary of the only battle that Macon saw in the Civil War. While Union General Tecumseh Sherman laid siege to Atlanta, he dispatched more than 2,000 men led by General George Stoneman to cut off the city's crucial rail link with Macon.

Chatham County Threatens To Dissolve Police Merger If Negotiations With City Fail

County officials say they're paying too much toward the merged city-county police department under the current agreement.

The Hidden Costs Of Fighting Polio In Pakistan

The effort to end polio is taking a toll on Pakistan's already overstretched health system. With more children dying of measles and diarrhea, some question whether the focus on polio is worth it.

Kurdish Oil Shipment Too Far Offshore For U.S. To Seize

A U.S. judge says an order she gave late Monday to impound a tanker carrying $100 million in oil off the coast of Galveston, Texas, cannot be enforced.

Senate Approves $8 Billion Transportation Package

The federal highway trust fund will run short of money starting this week unless Congress acts. But the Senate's bill differs significantly from what the House passed last week.

France Presses On With Deal To Sell Two Warships To Russia

Amid ongoing fighting in Ukraine and stepped-up U.S. and EU sanctions on Russia, the deal has met with little criticism in the shipbuilding town of St. Nazaire, where it has created 2,500 jobs.