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Gil Mobley wears protective gear at the Atlanta airport to protest the government handling of the Ebola virus.

Man Wears Protective Gear at Atlanta Airport to Protest Ebola

A Missouri man donned full protective gear at Atlanta's airport to protest the government's response to the Ebola outbreak.

A Glimmer Of Hope: Nigeria May Have Beaten Ebola

In the midst of worldwide panic over Ebola, Africa's most populous nation has started to celebrate. Nigeria's outbreak began in July, and now the country is on the verge of victory.

Your Fellow Diners' Size May Affect How Much You Eat

In one study, people who ate near a heavier dining companion served themselves lots more food. Researchers say a fellow diner's weight is just one of many subconscious cues influencing what we eat.

California Cracks Down On Farmers Market Cheaters

Did your local farmer really grow that heirloom apple he just sold you? California wants to know, so it's sending more inspectors out to make sure the produce sold at markets really is local.

Why A Thermometer Is A Good Tool For Airport Ebola Screenings

With ear probes, infrared cameras and laser beams pointed at passengers' foreheads, airports around the world are trying to stop infected travelers before they board a plane.

In Mideast Chaos, Netanyahu Sees Opportunity

In an interview with NPR, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says that Arab countries "no longer view Israel as an enemy but a potential partner."

Supreme Court Declines To Hear Gay-Marriage Cases ... For Now

Although there are seven same-sex-marriage cases pending before the court, the justices like to thoroughly vet a big issue like this before they choose which cases to hear and when.

Giants Send Pirates Packing In Elimination Playoff Game

The San Francisco Giants decisively beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 8-0 in the National League wild-card game Wednesday night in Pittsburgh. The Giants will take on the Washington Nationals on Friday.