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As Visible Villain, Islamic State Alters U.S. Political Calculus

For the first time since the killing of Osama bin Laden, the U.S. president has a symbolic figure to rail against one potent enough to rally the country around.

Coastal Ga. Weekend: Savannah And Coastal Events Sept. 11-14

Savannah Magazine’s Amy Condon and Autumn Van Gunten of You’re Welcome Savannah share their picks for a great Savannah weekend.

"Equality Clinic" Offers Healthcare Services To Augusta's LGBT Community

Members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community can face difficulty in coming out to friends or loved ones. But what about coming out to your doctor?

Women Who Eat Fish Twice Weekly Cut Their Risk Of Hearing Loss

Something as simple as eating fish can help lower the risk of hearing loss, researchers say. All types of fish helped. And since many people don't eat fish at all, there's an opportunity here.

Preserving Black History, Americans Care For National Treasures At Home

The relics of African-American families help tell the story of America, the Smithsonian says. Museum experts are traveling the country to help identify and care for items of cultural significance.

A New Brand Of Paul Gains Support In Iowa

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul has already made significant inroads in Iowa as he explores a presidential bid. Supporters say it's because he builds on his father's work but stays his own person.

In Strange Twist, Kenyans March For Police Officer Accused Of Murder

In a land where police have a reputation for corruption and violence, Titus Musila is a rare officer who is popular. Now that he's accused of a vigilante killing, residents have rallied around him.

NFL: Ex-FBI Chief Will Investigate How League Handled Rice Evidence

A report from the AP quotes an unnamed law enforcement official saying police had sent a video to the NFL that showed Rice punching his then-fiancee.

Obama Says U.S. Will 'Take Out' Islamic State 'Wherever They Exist'

Signaling a broadening of the American offensive to date, the president said he would not hesitate to order strikes inside Syria. "If you threaten America, you will find no safe haven," Obama warned.

Souls Tumbling In The Light

Every fall, birds head south and, around Sept. 11, New York sends two beams into the sky. When birds and lights collide, that could mean trouble but New York is surprisingly gentle.