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Why Ebola Patients Are Getting Treatment In Nebraska

The Nebraska Medical Center is the largest of four high-level biocontainment patient care units in the U.S.

Watch Live: Senate, Gubernatorial Debates At Ga National Fairgrounds Tuesday Oct. 7 At 7 p.m.

Politics take center stage at the fairgrounds in Macon as Senate and Gubernatorial candidates are set to debate weeks before the election.

Australia Resumes Search For Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Six months after the Boeing 777 disappeared without a trace, searchers are hoping something can still be found on the seabed.

Medical Company May Be Falling Short Of Its Patient Safety Ideals

Masimo Corporation's chief executive is a leading voice in the movement to reduce medical errors, but the Food and Drug Administration says his company isn't properly investigating complaints.

On China's Mainland, A Less Charitable Take On Hong Kong's Protests

The pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong largely have been peaceful, but many mainland Chinese see the demonstrators as spoiled troublemakers who are asking for too much, too soon.

A New Understanding Of Arson Spurs A Retrial In A Fatal Texas Fire

Much of the evidence used against Ed Graf, in prison since 1986 for setting a fire that killed his stepsons, is now considered junk science. His is one of many old arson cases Texas is re-examining.

Firestone Did What Governments Have Not: Stopped Ebola In Its Tracks

There's a company town in Liberia with 80,000 residents. Ebola was first detected in March. Firestone's resourceful response has kept the virus from spreading.

Did The Supreme Court Just Legalize Gay Marriage?

As thousands more same-sex couples marry all over the country, this legal climate change becomes a kind of fait accompli.

5 Questions About The Supreme Court And Gay Marriage In The U.S.

The Supreme Court surprised many by refusing to weigh in on gay marriage Monday. And it prompted a question: What does this mean for same-sex couples in 20 states that still have a ban?