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She Rode To Success On Her Family's Backs Literally

Muluh Hilda Bih developed muscular dystrophy as a girl in Cameroon. Some parents there hide a disabled child. Hers did their best to bring her into the world. Today she's a journalist and activist.

Turkey's Erdogan Seeks An Expanded Role As President

After 12 years as Turkey's prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan is poised to jump to the president's office in Sunday's election. Secular Turks fear he will push the nation toward autocracy.

Iraq Claims Militants Executed Hundreds Of Minority Yazidis

The country's human rights minister tells Reuters that the dead from a massacre at Sinjar in northwestern Iraq were buried in mass graves by Islamic State fighters.

NCAA Loses Court Ruling In Athletes' Antitrust Case

A federal judge sided with college football and basketball players who say they're being used to help sell video games, TV broadcasts and other content without being paid.

U.S. Continues Aid Drops, Airstrikes In Iraq

In the latest humanitarian drop, U.S. cargo planes supplied Yazidis trapped by the fighting with tons of food and water.

Afghan Brides Dress To Impress, Fueling An Unlikely Business Boom

In one of the world's poorest countries, where many women still wear head-to-toe burqas, lavish spending and competition among brides is fueling a boom in shops selling pricey and glamorous dresses.

Fear Of Tunnels, Not Rockets, Rattles Israeli Community

Residents of a town near the Gaza border say they know how to respond to rocket fire. They're less certain about how to protect themselves from potential attacks by militants using secret tunnels.

'Building A Better Teacher': Dissecting America's Education Culture

Author Elizabeth Green argues that effective teaching is a craft, not a skill teachers have naturally. She says teachers need more mentorship not just more mandates.

Israel Intensifies Airstrikes In Wake Of Gaza Cease-Fire

Dozens of targets have been hit since the 3-day truce ended on Friday, while Hamas has launched 70 rockets into Israel.

'Are You, Like, African-AMERICAN Or AFRICAN-American?'

Black people who are more recent immigrants to the United States are often seen very differently than are blacks who are native-born as reactions to a recent speech from President Obama remind us.