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Macon & Eggs: How To Teach Young Men About Domestic Violence

This week on Macon & Eggs, we want to start a Middle Georgia conversation about partner abuse. Outrage continues over former NFL player Ray Rice’s violent assault on his then girlfriend, now wife, Janay, which was caught on tape. During Thursday night football on CBS sports commentator James Brown challenged the NFL and men to lead a discussion on domestic violence. Brown said that perhaps there should be ongoing comprehensive education of men of what healthy, respectful manhood is all about.

Newly Crowned Miss America Felt Helpless Against Domestic Violence

Pageant contestants often pick feel-good issues for their platform topics. Miss New York chose domestic violence because she lived it. There are many reasons why women stay with an abuser, she says.

North Korea Sentences American To Six Years Of Hard Labor

Matthew Miller, of Bakersfield, Calif., had entered North Korea on a tourist visa. The country says he sought to be thrown in jail to investigate human rights issues.

ISIS 'Are Not Muslims, They Are Monsters,' Cameron Says

This weekend, David Haines' family publicly asked his captors to contact them. Instead, the group released its third video showing a Western hostage being killed.

Shelling In Donetsk Rocks Cease-Fire In Ukraine

The cease-fire in eastern Ukraine is being tested, with intense fighting reported near the airport in Donetsk Saturday and Sunday. An NPR team in that city was forced to flee the shelling.

Bob Marley's 'Legend' Album Finally Cracks Billboard Top 10

While the 30-year-old album has sold millions of copies over the years, it only reached No. 54 when it was released. The new spike comes courtesy of a steep price cut.

Greg Norman Says He's Lucky Not To Have Cut His Hand Off

After a chainsaw accident, Australian golfer Greg Norman posted photos this weekend showing him recovering from the ordeal. Norman had been cutting branches off a tree at his Florida home.

Heineken Owners Reportedly Rebuff SABMiller's Purchase Offer

In a move seen as a way to fight off Anheuser-Busch InBev, brewer SABMiller reportedly offered to buy Heineken. The family that controls Heineken rejected the idea, Bloomberg News says.

U.S. Says Allies In Middle East And Elsewhere Want To Help Fight ISIS

On a weekend that saw extremist group the Islamic State release a video showing the murder of a Western hostage, support for a coalition to fight the group is building.

Estonia 'Spy' Dispute Could Be Russia Making Anti-NATO Mischief

It could be the next big spy movie: an Estonian intelligence agent nabbed by Russia on spy charges. Russia says he was spying on them; Estonia says he was kidnapped in a cross-border raid.