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Voter Registration Deadline Looms

Georgia voters who want to cast ballots in the November must register by today - Monday, Oct. 6. They can opt to register online.

Orioles, Royals Sweep Opponents In AL Division Series

The Baltimore Orioles beat the Detroit Tigers 2-1 on Sunday, and the Kansas City Royals defeated the Los Angeles Angels 8-3. The American League Championship Series begins Friday in Baltimore.

Ex-Agent Cites 'Progressive Down Slide' In Morale At Secret Service

The agency with the responsibility for protecting the president, vice president and their families rates in the bottom third in job satisfaction rankings within the federal government.

Kennesaw State Students Learn History, Significance of the Hijab

As part of a year long focus on Arabian culture and history, Kennesaw State University students put on a program about the Hijab, the Muslim headscarf. Check out this interview with students who planned the event.

Tom Barton of the Savannah Morning News

This Week With Tom Barton:The Future of The Savannah Sand Gnats

Tom Barton of the Savannah Morning News joins GPB Savannah's Sarah McCammon to discuss Savannah Sand Gnats and gun violence involving teens.

Why You Should Start Taking Millennials Seriously

There are more millennials in the U.S. than there are baby boomers. Why do they get so many eye rolls?

'You Have The Right To Remain Silent.' Or Do You?

Any devotee of TV crime dramas or police procedural shows hears the phrase regularly. But court decisions in recent years have chipped away at that principle.

Supreme Court To Weigh Facebook Threats, Religious Freedom, Discrimination

The U.S. Supreme Court opens a new term Monday. The issues on the docket range from whether threats on Facebook count as threats to whether prisoners should be allowed to wear short beards.