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A New Orleans Charter School Marches To Its Own Tune

As part of our series on the education revolution underway in the Crescent City, we profile a new, independent arts-centered charter that's struggling to put down roots.

Florida Governor's Race: Familiar Faces, Big Money, Brutal Ads

Incumbent Republican Gov. Rick Scott is facing off with former Republican Gov. Charlie Crist who's now running as a Democrat. The race is close, expensive and nasty, with a deluge of attack ads.

A Benefit For Rural Vets: Getting Health Care Close To Home

Veterans in some rural areas have to travel hundreds of miles on empty interstates to get health care, losing a day of work or sometimes two. A new program lets them see nearby doctors instead.

What's In A Name? It Could Matter If You're Writing To Your Lawmaker

To test subtle biases, researchers sent state legislators identical emails about voting requirements. Some emails came from a man with a "Latino" name, and others from an "Anglo" name.

State Senator Jason Carter at a campaign stop.

Grandpa Jimmy Carter Casts A Shadow Over Ga. Governor's Race

During his campaign for governor, the younger Carter must contend with his grandfather's legacy. The name Jimmy Carter stirs up complex feelings among Georgia voters.

Iraqis Displaced By ISIS Face Another Threat: Winter

With winter approaching, most of the 1.8 million Iraqis displaced by Islamic extremists will be living outside through the winter in Iraq's north, where temperatures frequently drop below freezing.

CDC Cites 'Breach' In Ebola Protocol As Second Texas Case Emerges

The worker, who helped care for the first patient to die from the Ebola virus in the U.S., reported a low fever Friday night. She is in stable condition; tests confirmed she has Ebola Sunday.