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WATCH LIVE: President Obama’s Address To The Nation On The Islamic State

President Obama will address the nation tonight at 9 p.m. He will outline his strategy to combat the Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria. Watch the PBS NewsHour live stream here.

In Macon, Legislators Hear Arguments For Medical Marijuana In Georgia

Legislators are considering arguments in favor of medical marijuana in Georgia. At an open hearing at Mercer University Wednesday, people got a chance to tell a panel of lawmakers why they think the time to legalize medical marijuana is right. About 14 people spoke to the panel at the second of five planned open hearings.

The Comeback Of The Endangered Colorado Orange, An Apple

The Colorado Orange is no orange; it is an apple, with a unique texture and citrus taste. There's a new effort to bring it and other endangered Colorado apples back from the brink of extinction.

Britain's Cameron Pleads With Scots To Stay In U.K.

The prime minister says he'd be "heartbroken" if Scotland voted to separate from the union in a Sept. 18 referendum.

Heavier Teen Pot Smoking Linked To Problems In Young Adults

Daily smokers are less likely to graduate from high school or college and are at higher risk of suicide, according to an analysis of three long-term studies of teenagers in Australia and New Zealand.

Question Dot GIF: What Hometown Artist Inspired You To Make Music?

Circuit Des Yeux, White Lung, SubRosa, Obnox, and others sit for GIF portraits during Raleigh, N.C.'s Hopscotch Music Festival, an event that celebrates its homegrown music scene.

How Could A Doctor's Death From Ebola Possibly Be 'Good'?

He giggled, he swore, he was afraid of Ebola. This summer, he was infected by a patient he treated. Two colleagues remember Dr. Samuel Brisbane's good life and reflect on the idea of a good death.

Government To Drop Background Check Firm USIS

The Falls Church, Va.-based private contractor conducts most of the government's background checks and was the target of a cyberattack last month that breached thousands of personnel files.