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In 'Season Of Mercy,' Will Vatican Rethink Communion For Divorcees?

Pope Francis hasn't ruled out changing church doctrine that bars divorced and remarried Catholics from receiving Holy Communion. There are fierce opponents, while others favor simplifying annulment.

The Delta checkout line in Atlanta.

Atlanta Airport Screening Travelers For Ebola

Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is one of five American airports that will begin implementing new screening procedures for passengers arriving from West Africa.

Apple Says iOS Encryption Protects Privacy; FBI Raises Crime Fears

Apple says its new operating system for the iPhone features encryption so secure that not even Apple has the key to it. But the FBI warns that the software could limit its ability to fight crime.

Some Good News: Near Perfect Weather For Most Of The Country

A weather map on Wednesday showed no significant watches or warnings across the Lower 48.

Lawsuit Testing Personhood Of Chimps Gets Its Day At An Appeals Court

A lower court had tossed the case, but an appellate court heard oral arguments today. Lawyers said that Tommy, a chimp in New York, deserves the same rights as Homo sapiens.

Indonesian Cave Paintings As Old As Europe's Ancient Art

Figures found on the walls of a prehistoric cave in Indonesia are at least 35,400 years old or more, scientists say. That might mean the earliest art developed independently in different regions.

Cardinals And Giants Advance To NLCS, Will Play Each Other Saturday

The St. Louis Cardinals beat the LA Dodgers 3-2 Tuesday. The San Francisco Giants defeated the Washington Nations 3-2. The Cardinals and Giants will meet in the National League Championship Series.

A Strong Voice From The Ebola Front: Lorenzo Dorr

Drugs are in short supply. So is protective gear. Muddy roads may be impassable. But community health worker Lorenzo Dorr continues his efforts to keep Ebola in check in remote parts of Liberia.