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In Berlin, Remaking The City Can Rekindle Old Frictions

City planners rushed to erase divisions between East and West Berlin after the wall came down in 1989. But the fate of communist-era buildings can still provoke friction a quarter-century later.

Fond Memories Of Ebola Victim Eric Duncan, Anger Over His Death

He likely contracted the virus when he carried an ailing pregnant woman into her home. Relatives and neighbors in Liberia miss his jovial spirit and lash out at their government and the U.S.

A ship sails on Savannah Harbor.

Expansion Of Savannah Harbor Finally Moving Ahead

The long-awaited Savannah Harbor deepening can move forward, now that officials with the Georgia Ports Authority, state transportation department, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have signed a key agreement.

World Bank Says Ebola Could Inflict Enormous Economic Losses

In 2013, Sierra Leone and Liberia ranked second and sixth among countries with the highest GDP growth in the world. But that growth has stopped because of the deadly Ebola virus.

Love Pine Nuts? Then Protect Pine Forests

An expensive delicacy among nuts, pine nuts are foraged not farmed from distant forests. In some places, the delicate ecosystems that produce the nuts are disappearing.

In Mexico, Protesters Demand Return Of 43 Missing Students

Meanwhile, authorities said they still have not been able to identify 28 bodies found in clandestine graves.

Climate Change Worsens Coastal Flooding From High Tides

Flooding from extreme tidal swings was once just a rare nuisance for coastal cities. But rising sea levels have increased the frequency of these nuisance floods as much as tenfold since the 1960s.

How To Take A Nobel Prize-Winning Picture

This year's Nobel Prize in chemistry went to a team that came up with a way to take a closer look at the secret lives of living cells. It could make biomedical research a lot easier.

A New Museum To Celebrate Southern Food (And You Can Eat The Exhibits)

The Southern Food and Beverage Museum in New Orleans is re-imagining what a museum can be. There's plenty of scholarship, but also taste-testing and a mission to help budding food entrepreneurs.

Police body cameras. Photo: SCMPD

Savannah Police Request Body Cameras

Savannah police officers could soon be wearing cameras that record their interactions with the public.