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Obama Signs $16 Billion VA Health Care Bill Into Law

The legislation provides funding to improve facilities and hire more medical staff, along with allowing more veterans to use private facilities.

House Calls Keep People Out Of Nursing Homes And Save Money

In the case of an elderly patient with multiple medical problems, having a team of health workers deliver care to the home can be cheaper than expensive stays in nursing homes and emergency rooms.

Young, Idealistic And Transsexual: Speaking Out In Africa

Tampose Mapotheng was born a girl but now lives as a man a difficult choice in Lesotho. He's spent the summer in the U.S., learning to be a more effective advocate for the LGBTI community.

NCAA Votes To Give New Autonomy To Big Conferences

Elite college sports conferences can set their own rules about sharing profits with student-athletes, under a new policy adopted by the NCAA's Division I Board of Directors on Thursday.

Familiar Name Returns To Missouri Ballot

Jay Ashcroft, the son of the former U.S. attorney general and governor and senator is following in his father's footsteps by running for office.

Savannah Music Festival To Feature Full-Scale Opera In 2015

For the first time in its 26-year history, the Savannah Music Festival will feature a full-scale opera in its 2015 festival season. The opera will be co-produced with the Savannah Voice Festival and will feature the Savannah Philharmonic. Organizers say the opera will partially serve as an 80th birthday celebration of Sherrill Milnes. Milnes is America’s most-recorded opera singer and co-founder of the Savannah Voice Festival, along with his wife Maria Zouves. Zoovis says she’s excited that for the first time ever, all three organizations will be working together.

NCAA Vote Could Boost Student-Athletes' Benefits, Big Schools' Power

Major college sports programs could take a significant step toward sharing their wealth. The NCAA Board of Directors is to vote on a plan to restructure Division I athletics.

Butterfly Shifts From Shabby To Chic With A Tweak Of The Scales

By playing with the physics of wing color, scientists get a glimpse into how butterflies get their colors, and how quickly they can evolve from brown to brilliant.

Carroll, Iowa: Where The Childhood Paper Route Is Alive And Well

Most newspapers today are delivered by adults in cars, not kids on bikes. But in Carroll, young people who want to make some money on a paper route are growing up in the right place.