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Retired General: Middle Georgia Must Work Together To Retain Robins Air Force Base

The former top general at Robins Air Force Base believes Middle Georgia has to confront negative stereotypes about the region. Retired Gen. Bob McMahon stepped down Sunday as head of the 21st Century Partnership, a nonprofit that works to protect the base from closure.

$9 Million Cocaine Stash Discovered At Savannah Port

Customs officials say they are investigating the cocaine found during a routine inspection on April 14.

Environmentalists Object To Plant Vogtle Water Use Permit

Environmental groups plan to raise concerns over the volume of water Southern Company has asked to withdraw from the Savannah River to support two new nuclear reactors.

Georgia's Leading Role In Reality TV

It’s no secret that a lot of reality TV shows are filmed right here in Georgia. Thom Beers, the brains behind action-packed programs including Deadliest Catch and Monster Garage, got his start in Atlanta working for Ted Turner. For better or for worse, Georgia has a strong presence in the reality genre. But it’s highly unlikely you’ll see monster trucks or massive fish in any of the shows filmed here. Atlanta’s contribution to reality TV is a little different.

Goodwill Hosts Ten Job Fairs In Coastal Region

Goodwill of the Coastal Empire is hosting 10 job fairs around the region this week in honor of Goodwill Week.

Savannah Carriage Companies 'Upgrading' Policies After Runaway Horse Incident

The driver of the carriage suffered broken bones after the horse spooked and ran through the downtown area.

Georgia Ports Authority Touts Wetlands Creation On Earth Day

The port's manmade wetlands filter pollution out of rainwater before it reaches the Savannah River.

Vidalias: The Conversation Around Georgia's Sweetest Onion Turns Sour

Known as the sweetest onion around, the Vidalia onion is a Georgia agricultural staple that can’t be grown anywhere else in the world. But recently, conversation about this unique Georgia vegetable has turned sour. A race to grocery store shelves has in some cases, pushed quality standards out the door.

The Atlanta Beltline: Transforming Atlanta's Urban Culture

A 1968 TV ad described the growing city of Atlanta as network of different neighborhoods, connected mostly by highways. The best option for navigating the city was by car. Fast forward to 2014, and Atlanta is still primarily a “car city”. But urban planners, city officials, and business leaders hope one solution to that problem is the Atlanta Beltline. The Atlanta Beltline started out as a graduate student’s dream back in 1999. Since then, it’s become one of the most ambitious urban redevelopment projects in the United States.

WORKING: Forget Your Resume - Where's Your Website?

Some career advisers say a personal website chronicling your work is better—and more dynamic—than a resume nowadays. The argument is that having a unique website dedicated to a job-seekers’ career accomplishments and work examples helps build a tightly focused, controlled brand. Brandon Smith, GPB’s regular commentator on work and career issues, said the personal website has a place—just not for everyone.