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4 Things To Know About Obama's Islamic State Strategy

The president today is set to meet congressional leaders to discuss his strategy to combat the insurgency in Iraq and Syria. He's expected to address the nation on the subject on Wednesday.

Janay Rice Says Assault Video Has Brought A 'Nightmare' To Life

Janay Rice says the media has sought to boost ratings by releasing a video that shows her being hit by her then-fiance, Ray Rice. The Baltimore Ravens ended Rice's contract Monday.

Size Matters: Why Apple Is Expected To Unveil A Bigger iPhone

Pushed by rivals like Samsung, Apple is likely to announce bigger iPhones on Tuesday. Users of bigger-screen devices say they prefer their larger images and the ability to see multiple apps together.

How The Islamic State Smuggles Oil To Fund Its Campaign

As Islamic State militants have marched across Syria and Iraq, oil smuggling has been a major part of their strategy. They have targeted oil fields and refineries and work with a range of middlemen.

Following Ferguson, Senate Weighs Use Of Military-Grade Equipment

A committee is looking at how federal programs have equipped thousands of local police and sheriff's departments with gear made for warfare, and whether more oversight is needed.

Harvard Study Says Economy Is 'Doing Half Its Job.' Guess Which Half

An alumni survey by the school found much more optimism about the future of America's companies than that of its workers. More than 4 in 10 think employee pay and benefits are set to shrink.

U.S. Science Suffering From Booms And Busts In Funding

The federal budget for bioscience has undergone big swings since 2000. Some scientists are now out of work and others are abandoning the ambitious, creative ideas that fuel discovery.