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Hunting For High-Speed Rail Funds

Most of the state's high-speed rail projects are waiting for federal grant money to move forward. The state applied for 60 million dollars to study lines from Atlanta to Charlotte, to Macon, and to Savannah. State transportation officials say they should know by mid –October how much Georgia will get.

Savannah Airport Lands New Airline

Allegiant Airlines will enable service expansion into Fort Lauderdale. The new destination is expected to bring in more tourists as it connects two vacation cities.

Sunken Boat Costs Coastal City

During a severe financial crunch, Brunswick pays $67,000 to remove a sunken shrimp boat. The boat owners cannot afford the cost of removal and are leaving it completely to the city. This is just one of 33 boats in Glynn county waters that are waiting to be cleaned up. A total of 130 boats are submerged off Georgia’s costs. The process of removing and cleaning up a sunken boat ranges from $42,000 to $70,000.

Stimulus Boosts Rural Internet

So far, Georgia has accepted $163 million in stimulus funds for improving broadband internet.

Georgia Peach Season Booms

Georgia’s 6 large growers reported yields up by 25 percent.

Judge Rejects Sea Island Bid

Judge denies offer and says any bids for Sea Island must take place during the upcoming auction on October 14th.

Tire Plant To Add 200 Jobs

A tire plant in Bartow County is expanding operations. The move will add another 200 jobs. The Toyo Tires plant in White, Georgia has been in operation for more than four years, and currently employs 650 people.

Legal Challenge For Georgia Coal Plant

Environmentalists gearing up for challenge of Plant Washington. They say air quality permits were obtained using flawed data. They hope judge will agree.

State's High Court OK's Hall Co. Hospital Plan

The Georgia Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the Northeast Georgia Medical Center's plan to build a hospital in south Hall County.

Food Company Brings Jobs To NE Ga.

A California based company is expected to created over 120 jobs over the next few years in Hall County.