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Georgia Power Captures Carbon

For the first time Georgia Power has captured carbon dioxide. The pilot project is taking place at Plant Yates. Officials say this moves them closer to commercial deployment.

Superfund Site Not Ready For Development

A federal agency says more cleanup is needed at the LCP Chemicals Superfund site in Glynn County before the area is ready for residential development.

Chicken Producers Brace For Tax Hike

China’s Ministry of Commerce plans to severely tax American-produced poultry. It’s a blow to Georgia’s billion-dollar broiler industry. After a year-long investigation, the Chinese government says U.S. poultry companies are “dumping” chickens there. That’s a business term for importing chickens at very low prices to increase their price in China, thereby unfairly competing with local producers.

Georgia Preps For Civil War 150th

As the 150th anniversary of the Civil War approaches next year, millions of dollars are at stake with Georgia’s ability to draw tourists to hundreds of historic sites.

Med Supply Co. Brings 100+ Jobs

An Illinois-based manufacturer of medical supplies says it plans to open a manufacturing plant in Douglas County, creating 141 jobs.

Homebuilders Are Still Struggling

A new report by the National Homebuilding Association grading industry confidence shows the South as the only region with signs of an upward trend. But that trend may be hard to find in the Georgia homebuilding industry.

Electric Car Ready For The Road

Electric Cars are expected to become popular next year when major automakers like Nissan and Chevrolet will roll out their models of the non polluting vehicles. But, as GPB’s Alex Jud reports, this fall a Georgia-based company hopes to beat all the big auto suppliers by selling the first, fast and affordable electric car.

'Work Ready,' But Few Jobs

Work Ready has used about $1.4 million in stimulus funds. And the state has certified 56 counties as "Work Ready," meaning that they've met educational and other goals. Rural areas, however, have few employers that recognize the certificate and even fewer are hiring.

Jekyll Overhaul Gets Contractor

A contractor has been chosen to build a new convention center and beach village on Jekyll Island. The state-owned island’s Authority says Georgia-based Brasfield and Gorrie LLC will get the contract.

More Agents Target Back Taxes

Georgia's Department of Revenue has beefed-up its staff of agents to go after businesses that owe back taxes. Officials say they've added more than 30 tax agents in the last few months. The department’s top official, Bart Graham, says the extra personnel will cost over $2 million but will pay for itself within a few months.