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U.S. Airstrikes Hit Islamic State Fighters Near Haditha Dam

U.S. fighters and bombers carried out the attack in western Iraq's Anbar Province, trying to protect a key piece of Iraq's infrastructure.

U.S. Border Patrol Apprehending Fewer Central Americans

Increased Mexican patrols along that country's southern border may be one factor in the drop in numbers seen by the U.S. Some migrants appear to be giving up and staying in southern Mexico.

Cuomo Gets More Of An Opponent Than He Bargained For

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was expected to cruise to victory in next Tuesday's Democratic primary. But he faces a surprisingly vigorous challenge from the left.

In Kiev, A New Patriotism Cemented In Russia's Shadow

Residents of the Ukrainian capital say the conflict has been devastating, yet has also helped forge a real sense of Ukrainian identity.

Former IS Hostage Says Museum Shooting Suspect Was His Jailer

Before now, the former hostages have avoided disclosing details about their captors' identity, out of fears that Westerners still being held by the Islamic State could face retaliation.

In A Test Of The Cease-Fire, Ukraine Checkpoint Reportedly Destroyed

The cease-fire in Ukraine is barely two days old, but the relative peace was ruptured by steady overnight shelling near the port city of Mariupol.

Mapping What You Cannot See, Cannot Know, Cannot Visit

We live on a planet, next to a star that's part of galaxy that's part of ... ah, here comes the new discovery. We are at the very tip of a giant galactic "supercluster." Take a look.

Volunteer Recap: Megaphones, Machetes And Unexpected Tears

At 4:30 a.m., medical student Ryan Klitgaard would wake up to a Nicaraguan newspaper vendor yelling through a megaphone. Then came a day of treating patients and fending off dogs and chickens.

Japan's Nishikori Beats Djokovic, Making History; Federer Falls To Cilic

Kei Nishikori put a buzz into the U.S. Open crowd in New York and put himself into the history books, becoming the first Asian man to reach a Grand Slam tennis final.

Obama Will Put Off Executive Actions On Immigration

In June, President Obama said he would act on his own to reshape U.S. immigration policies at the summer's end. Since then, he's come under pressure from fellow Democrats.