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Revolver gun

90 Guns Found So Far This Year At Atlanta Airport

Authorities have found 90 guns in carry-on bags at Atlanta's airport security checkpoints. Most were loaded.

Test Cheating Trial Judge Lifts Ban On News Story

The judge presiding over the Atlanta Public Schools test-cheating trial has lifted an order barring media outlets from reporting a specific story related to the case.

Gov. Sonny Perdue

Former Gov. Sonny Perdue Testifies In Atlanta Cheating Trial

Perdue pointed out that a review of test scores showed irregularities had occurred.

Want To Grow These Apples? You'll Have To Join The Club

New brands are reshaping the apple aisle of supermarkets. Many are "club apples" --varieties that are controlled and managed by select groups of farmers.

Solar Bike Path Opens This Week In The Netherlands

Integrating solar panels into a bike commuter path, a special roadway outside Amsterdam will generate power that's then funneled into the national energy grid.