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Report: Georgia Manufacturers Doing Better

Georgia’s manufacturing sector had a good February with increases in new orders, production, and some improvement in hiring. The Kia factory in West Point, Ga., is adding up to a thousand workers by the end of the year and is planning to add a third shift too.

Coal Plant Gets New Permits

EPD issues new water permits for Plant Washington. Air permit still pending. Environmentalists may appeal decision.

Film Industry Lobbies For Tax Credit

Georgia’s film and TV industry tax credit is on shaky ground as the state looks to raise revenue. And other states could benefit from just the rumor of eliminating the credit.

Brunswick Jail Won't Expand Downtown

A jail expansion project in the Brunswick historic district is dead. For years, the specter of a larger jail downtown fueled a bitter controversy as city and county leaders sparred over where best to expand the jail. After three lawsuits and an election, officials have narrowed the site search.

Indian State OK's Coke Lawsuit

An Indian state has passed a law allowing residents to seek compensation from soft drink giant Coca-Cola for alleged environmental damage from a former bottling plant. Coca-Cola Co.'s Indian subsidiary, Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages, says the legislation passed Thursday by Kerala state is "devoid of facts, scientific data or any input from or consideration given to" the company.

Flooring Business Grows Despite Industry Struggle

Thousands of jobs in northwest Georgia have disappeared since late 2006 when the flooring industry started to collapse alongside the housing market.

House OK's Cutting Trees By Billboards

The state house passed a bill that would allow the clear-cutting of trees in front of billboards. It's a measure bill board companies have been trying to pass for years.

Earnings Improve for Georgia’s Banks

Two-thirds of the Georgia’s banks had improved earnings in 2010 and fewer institutions operated in the red, according to the fourth-quarter banking profile from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Georgia banks lost $1.6 billion in 2010, less the half their losses in 2009. But nationwide, banks made more than $87 billion altogether last year.

Heinz Ketchup To Use Coke's Bottle

H.J. Heinz Co. says it is making its iconic ketchup bottles a bit more green.

Two More Georgia Banks Fail

Regulators have shut down two small banks in Georgia, making six banks that have failed in the state this year.