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David Ralston, Georgia House Speaker

Ga. House GOP Caucus Elects Leaders For 2015

House Speaker David Ralston of Blue Ridge and House Speaker Pro-Tempore Jan Jones of Milton were both nominated to continue serving in their current positions.

For People Fired For Being Gay, Old Court Case Becomes A New Tool

Workplace discrimination against gay people is legal in 29 states. So some LGBT people have filed discrimination claims using a legal argument from a 1989 Supreme Court case about gender stereotypes.

Police Can Seize And Sell Assets Even When The Owner Broke No Law

Civil asset forfeiture rules say all that matters is that the car or house or cash was used by somebody in a crime. Challenging the seizure is often too costly to be worth it.

How Much Sugar Is Too Much? A New Tool Sheds Some Light

SugarScience, a website created by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, distills the findings of 8,000 scientific studies on the health effects of sugar. The takeaway? Eat less.

The White House Is Backing Strong Open Internet Rules

President Obama is calling on rule-makers to reclassify broadband as a public utility. It would give the FCC much broader authority to stop "fast lanes" and "slow lanes" to the Internet.

These X's Are The Same Shade, So What Does That Say About Color?

Never mind the physics. Color isn't just a particular wavelength of light, it turns out. It's a fascinating mix of context and what's happening outside and inside your head.

More Than 800,000 Postal Service Employees Victims Of Data Breach

USPS customers were affected as well. The FBI is leading an investigation into the hack, but it's unclear who might be responsible for it.

How 'Double Bucks' For Food Stamps Conquered Capitol Hill

The federal government is putting $100 million behind a simple idea: doubling the value of federal food benefits when people use them to buy fresh produce. This idea started small but became a hit.

Chief Joseph Lumpkin

Savannah Swears In New Police Chief

Joseph “Jack” Lumpkin was sworn in as the new police chief of Savannah and announced plans to help curb crime in that community.

5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Obamacare

If you buy your own health insurance, it's time to check out the options on the Obamacare exchanges. Enrollment starts Nov. 15.