Some career advisers say a personal website chronicling your work is better—and more dynamic—than a resume nowadays. The argument is that having a unique website dedicated to a job-seekers’ career accomplishments and work examples helps build a tightly focused, controlled brand. Brandon Smith, GPB’s regular commentator on work and career issues, said the personal website has a place—just not for everyone.
Between 2003-2009 premiums rose 48-percent in Georgia. Deductibles and co-pays going up as well. People in the South are less healthy.
Georgia has seen a boom in call centers this recession. The rise in low paying jobs like these coupled with a decrease in manufacturing worries some.
Savannah harbor deepening is first and foremost among legislative concerns for Georgia's coastal delegation. But there's another port-related project coming up behind harbor deepening that supporters hope lawmakers take up. It's a...
Fifteen states already have tax incentives. Film credits have created business boom in Georgia. Music industry would like to see similar growth.
Judge Ronit Walker says permit does not set proper limits on emissions. Environmentalists applaud decision. Power4Georgians plans to move forward.
A US Army Corps of Engineers official says, the agency is likely to extend the public comment period on the Savannah harbor deepening project. Some environmental groups and others have said the public comment window was too short given the immense...
According to state labor officials, there are more than a quarter of a million Georgians that have been out of work for 27 weeks or more. Georgia's unemployment rate is up from last month and back into the double digits.
The Olin chemical company announced last week it will phase out the use of mercury at its Augusta plant. But environmentalists worry about what will happen to leftovers of the cancer-causing chemical once the switch is made.
Robert Sumichrast says too many corporations are sitting on large cash reserves and small businesses are too reluctant to hire. That led the state unemployment rate to jump to 10.1 percent in November.
A Fulton County judge has ruled that state Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine disregarded application requirements when awarding small-loan licenses.