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Trouble Swallowing Pills? Try The 'Pop Bottle' Or The 'Lean Forward'

One-third of people have trouble downing pills, and many skip taking medications as a result. A researcher in Germany says that two techniques help. Really? We tested them ourselves to find out.

U.S. And China Move Toward Ending Tariffs On High-Tech Gear

The existing tariff system, which adds as much as 25 percent to the cost of American high-tech exports, covers more than $4 trillion in annual trade, the White House says.

Putin Puts Shawl On China's First Lady, And Censors Leap

When Russian President Vladimir Putin moved to place a shawl over the shoulders of Peng Liyuan, the wife of China's President Xi Jinping, he set off alarm bells.

In China, Dreaded Process Of Getting A Visa To The U.S. May Get Easier

The first impression most Chinese have of the U.S. government comes when they apply for a visa. A deal announced this week between the U.S. and China may spare people from having to apply every year.

Sterilization Operations In India Reportedly Kill 9 Women

More than 80 surgeries were performed on women at a government-run camp Saturday; the first death was reported Monday morning.

These Bookish Millennials Make Memes Worth Reading Into

From a spoof of Kanye West's "Bound 2" (called "Hardcover Bound 2") to click-bait classic novel titles, millennials are proving that smart content and Internet frippery aren't mutually exclusive.

Tech Star Wants To Make Diversity Plug-And-Play For Silicon Valley

Tristan Walker, founder and CEO of Walker & Co. Brands, and J.J. McCorvey, a writer at Fast Company, discuss the tech industry's diversity problem.

Pay Attention To The Health Insurance Calendar To Avoid Surprises

Consumers can sign up for health insurance through the online marketplaces anytime from Nov. 15 to Feb. 15. But waiting can trigger medical bills and the health law's penalties.

Politics And A Food Fight Are Stalling A Major U.S.-Asia Trade Deal

Supporters of expanded trade with Asian nations hoped this week would bring completion of a major deal, but U.S. and Japanese negotiators and Obama and congressional Republicans still don't agree.