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TV On The Radio And The Paradox Of The Midcareer Band

Past the hype of the newcomer, not yet granted the deference of veterans, the allure of a band making a go of it in the murky middle may be subtle, but it can still be potent.

FIFA Clears Qatar, Russia Of World Cup Corruption, Ignites Furor

A report by a German judge examined the actions of countries that bid to stage the World Cup in 2018 and 2022. But the lawyer on whose work the report was based called it "incomplete and erroneous."

Poor Contact Lens Care Leads To A Whole Lot Of Eye Infections

Almost 1 million people a year end up with painful eye infections, and improper contact lens care is a big reason why, according to a new study from the CDC.

Doctor At Center Of Deadly Sterilizations In India Arrested

The toll from the botched procedures is now 13, with scores more sick. Dr. R.K. Gupta, who has performed 50,000 sterilizations over his career, told Reuters that he was being made a scapegoat.

Hurricane Sandy Stranded Dialysis Patients. Lessons Learned?

A quarter of the dialysis patients who were in New York City when Hurricane Sandy hit missed at least one treatment due to power outages. Yet, not many are prepared for the next disaster.

Reports: Obama Will Approve Immigrant Work Permits For Millions

Following on a pledge to use his office's discretionary powers to address immigration, President Obama will remove the threat of deportation for up to 5 million people, says The New York Times.

3 Potential Ebola Therapies To Be Tested; Liberia Lifts Emergency

Two of the therapies that medical teams plan to start testing next month involve antiviral drugs. Meanwhile, in Liberia, the president has lifted a state of emergency.

Liberians Meet Death With Flowers, Trumpets And Cameras

To understand why Liberians have had a hard time changing their funeral practices in the age of Ebola, first you must understand their tender and celebratory traditions.