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FBI's Vicious Letter To King Holds Lessons On Surveillance, Hindsight

The letter calls King an "evil, abnormal beast," and speaks of his extramarital affairs, which were discovered while seeking ties to communism. Journalists in the 1960s rejected the FBI's scoop.

'Muffled' Alerts, Personal Calls: Report On White House Fence Jumper

One Secret Service officer was on his cellphone when a man jumped the fence and made his way into the mansion in September. A review finds gaps in communication and training in the security response.

Israelis And Palestinians Ask: Is Another Uprising On The Way?

So far, it's just scattered unrest. But with peace talks in the deep freeze and the recent scuffling over Jerusalem's most sensitive holy site, there's talk about the prospects of another intifada.

As Casinos Fold, Stakes Are High For Atlantic City Transformation

Atlantic City, N.J., once synonymous with gambling, is reeling from the failure of several big-name casinos. Officials hope they can revive the city by recasting it as the Las Vegas of the East Coast.

Common Core Reading: The Struggle Over Struggle

With the Common Core State Standards' emphasis on "complex texts," some critics worry kids are being asked to struggle too much. We ask: How much is too much?

Facebook Rolls Out New, Simpler Privacy Policy

The new privacy guidelines are one-third their previous length. But experts say it doesn't change how much data the company will continue to gather from users.

Ferran Adria And Fellow Star Chefs Talk Biodiversity In Brazil

A group of chefs gathered this month in Sao Paolo to talk about how they can help preserve biodiversity. Among their warnings: If we lose food products, we will lose flavors and traditions.

Rossville, Ga abortion ban

Rossville, Ga Abortion Ban Could Face Legal Fight

A Georgia State University law professor says abortion restrictions imposed this week by a small community in western Georgia could face legal challenges.

An 'Orphaned' Photo Of Kites And Love, Rescued From Oblivion

A noted photographer talks about a favorite image from the hundreds of thousands he's shot in the past three decades that never quite got the attention it deserved.

TV On The Radio And The Paradox Of The Midcareer Band

Past the hype of the newcomer, not yet granted the deference of veterans, the allure of a band making a go of it in the murky middle may be subtle, but it can still be potent.