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Wendy’s Parts With Arby’s

The Atlanta-based Wendy’s/Arby’s Group announced Monday it is selling its Arby’s section to an Atlanta-based private equity firm, Roark Capital Group.

Music Hall's Final Weekend Draws Crowds

The Georgia Music Hall of Fame drew some of its biggest crowds of the year during its final weekend. The Macon museum shut its doors on Sunday. Officials say it drew more than 670 people on Sunday after attracting more than 650 people on Saturday. Poor attendance was cited as a reason for the shutdown, and the museum had been averaging fewer than 100 visitors a day.

Passenger Rail Remains On Wish List

A passenger rail proposal from Macon to Atlanta is still on a transportation wish list. However, officials are still a long way away from putting their lists to voters. Regional officials across the state will finalize the list of eligible projects by October.

Music Hall Of Fame Closing Sunday

The Georgia Music Hall of Fame in Macon will close for good on Sunday. The museum's board voted to close it in May. The museum has been in Macon for fifteen years.

Gov. Deal Wants Federal Help For Crop Damage

Governor Nathan Deal has asked the federal government to declare 22 counties disaster areas because of drought conditions. Deal made the request in a letter sent last week to U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack. Deal said the drought, beginning in December, has caused extensive damage to crops.

May Revenue Rise

State money managers reported Wednesday that revenues are up 8 percent for the fiscal year that ends June 30. That's above the 4 percent growth that state budget writers predicted.Sales tax collections are up 4.4 percent — or $18 million — for May while corporate income taxes are down 32.7 percent, $2 million.

As Customers Flee, Latino Grocers Worry

Georgia's new immigration law is affecting businesses beyond those in agriculture and other industries that rely on immigrant labor. Shops catering to Hispanics say, their customer base is drying up, leaving them worried about their future. One such store owner says, she might close up shop -- leaving her town with one more shuttered small business.

Survey Finds Widespread Farm Labor Shortages

A survey by an agriculture group has found widespread labor shortages on Georgia farms. Farmers say the new immigration law is causing migrant laborers to leave the state.

Georgia Cattle Farmers Thin Herds

Drought is causing a lack of forage in pastures. Many farmers forced to feed their animals hay. Drought expected to continue.

Farmers Pray For Rain

Farmers joined with Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black to pray for rain. Two-thirds of the state is in a severe or extreme drought. Many farmers unable to plant their crops.