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As Customers Flee, Latino Grocers Worry

Georgia's new immigration law is affecting businesses beyond those in agriculture and other industries that rely on immigrant labor. Shops catering to Hispanics say, their customer base is drying up, leaving them worried about their future. One such store owner says, she might close up shop -- leaving her town with one more shuttered small business.

Survey Finds Widespread Farm Labor Shortages

A survey by an agriculture group has found widespread labor shortages on Georgia farms. Farmers say the new immigration law is causing migrant laborers to leave the state.

Georgia Cattle Farmers Thin Herds

Drought is causing a lack of forage in pastures. Many farmers forced to feed their animals hay. Drought expected to continue.

Farmers Pray For Rain

Farmers joined with Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black to pray for rain. Two-thirds of the state is in a severe or extreme drought. Many farmers unable to plant their crops.

Trade Fuels Boom Market For Pecan Farmers

Georgia pecan farmers are planting thousands of new trees. It’s all to keep up with a growing demand for their product more than 7,000 miles away in China and they’re not stopping there. Farmer Trent Mason stands in the middle of his 2,000 acre pecan orchard in Fort Valley. On one side are 20-year old trees covered in tiny nuts and on the other 300 acres of saplings, planted in January.

Deal Wants Farm Worker Report

The state is looking into the farm worker shortage in South Georgia. Governor Nathan Deal is asking for a report after the industry complained there aren’t enough workers to pick the crops since the illegal immigration reform law was signed.

Ga. Farms Have Severe Worker Shortage

It’s nearly peak harvest time for south Georgia’s vegetable farmers, but they don’t have enough workers to pick the crops. The industry says it’s because of the state’s new immigration reform law.

Georgia Ports: No Cruise Ships Here

Georgia's ports officials have serious concerns about the possibility of a cruise ship terminal at their Savannah dock. The city recently paid a consultant $50,000 to create a feasibility study on how Savannah could start welcoming cruise ships. The study's top recommendation was a temporary cruise ship terminal at the Georgia Ports Authority.

Tornadoes Could Hike Insurance Rates

A spate of recent natural disasters could bump Georgia insurance rates, but not right away. State insurance officials say April tornadoes caused $145 million in losses. The Georgia Office of the Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner reviews rate increase requests. An official says the 2008 tornadoes, not this year's, are affecting current requests.

Forecaster: Gas Prices To Slow Economic Growth

Rising gas prices will slow Georgia’s economy for the rest of the year. That's the prediction from an economic forecaster popular in Georgia’s business community.