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Storms Cost $75M So Far

Insurance Commisioner Ralph Hudgens released his office's first damage estimate Monday. He said the figure will likely rise as insurance companies receive claims related to the severe weather.

Reynolds Homeowners Reject Buy-Out

Property owners at Reynolds Plantation on Lake Oconee have voted against buying golf courses, marinas, clubhouses and other community assets from its developer. Linger Longer Development Company says only 20 percent of the 3,600 owners asked to vote supported the proposal. The community's bylaws say 51 percent would have had to approve the purchase.

Atlantic Bottom Fishing Ban Cancelled

Federal fisheries managers have cancelled plans to ban bottom-fishing off Georgia's coast. The plan effectively would have closed many commercial fishing operations in a bid to save the over-fished red snapper. But some fishermen still aren't happy.

Reynolds Homeowners Consider Buying Assets

Developers of the exclusive Reynolds Plantation golf community want to sell assets to get out of debt. Tomorrow residents will decide if they want to help foot the bill.

Delta Lands Hefty Tax Break

Gov. Nathan Deal has signed a hefty tax break for Delta Air Lines. The bill Deal signed into law on Wednesday will save the Georgia-based airline up to $30 million on jet fuel taxes over two years. Supporters say the state must work to keep Delta in the state because it brings in millions of dollars in economic development.

Southwest Airlines Buys Airtan

Southwest, based in Dallas, plans to close the $1.4 billion purchase on Monday.

Savannah Ambulances Get Green Lights

Savannah officials marked the completion of a project to synchronize traffic lights with emergency vehicles. Eighty Savannah intersections can now tell when ambulances, police cruisers and fire trucks are approaching -- so they get the green light. Officials say, the technology improves emergency vehicle response times and driver safety.

Aflac Quack Is Back

After six weeks of silence the Aflac duck has a new voice. Following a nation wide search for new talent, Aflac announced Tuesday that Minnesotan Dan McKeague will be the new voice of the company.

Music Industry Wants Tax Breaks

People that make music in Georgia want their own tax breaks. They’ve put out a study to drum up support for them.

Synovus Posts Improved 1Q

Synovus released its first quarter earnings report today, detailing a net loss of $93 M, both an improvement over a year ago and beating industry expectations. The bank attributed about one quarter of this year’s losses to restructuring costs as they seek to lay off about 15% of workers this year.