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FIFA To Review World Cup Corruption Report

The decision reopens for scrutiny the mechanism by which Russia and Qatar were awarded the tournament in 2018 and 2022. The two countries were cleared last week of corruption in their winning bids.

Officer's Death Raises Safety Concerns For Alaska's Unarmed Law Enforcement

Remote Alaskan villages are some of the last places in America patrolled by unarmed officers. But an officer's death last year has challenged ideas about policing on the last frontier.

Sleep's Link To Learning And Memory Traced To Brain Chemistry

During sleep, the brain locks in existing memories and can even form new ones. Scientists say they are starting to understand how that happens. A midnight snack may interfere.

Thanksgiving Turkey

Ga. Has Second Most Thanksgiving Cooking Fires

State Farm reports Georgians filed the second highest number of cooking claims on Thanksgiving 2013.

Execution Date Set For Man In Killing Of Ga Deputy

Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens' office said in a news release Robert Wayne Holsey is set to be executed at 7 p.m. on Dec. 9.

Nora Jane Struthers, 'The Same Road'

"The Same Road" is the first offering from Nora Jane Struthers' next album, and shows off her band's propulsive new direction. Rooted in bluegrass, Struthers is a serious woman with a light heart.

Turkey Looks For Energy In An Abundant Resource: Pistachio Shells

Converting the shells into biogas could provide most of the heat for a planned city of 200,000, engineers say. There's precedent in Australia, where macadamia nut shells are generating power.

Duchess Of Alba, Spain's Richest Woman, Dies At 88

Maria del Rosario Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart had more titles than any other aristocrat in the world. She died today in Seville.

An NPR Photographer Looks Ebola In The Eye

Baby Sesay was in a care center in a village in Sierra Leone, waiting to find out if she had Ebola. Our photographer took a picture. Two days later, she was gone.