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As Downtown LA Grows, So Does Urgency To Fix Skid Row

In Los Angeles, more than a thousand people sleep on the street in cardboard boxes and tents just a mile away from City Hall. Many want to fix Skid Row, but how to do it is extremely controversial.

Macon & Eggs: The Lincoln-Douglass Debates Revisited & Real Talk About Ebola

The debates of 1858 were not as high tech as the debates of today are, but folks were more engaged in government. Why? Plus, the truth about Ebola.

In Crimea, Many Signs Of Russia, Few Of Resistance

Russia's takeover of Crimea extends from the flags over government buildings to passports to the labels on wine bottles. Despite the international criticism, many Crimeans are happy to rejoin Moscow.

After The Blackwater Convictions, A Book On Iraq's Nightmarish Reality

Four former Blackwater guards were found guilty last week in connection with a fatal shooting in 2007. Author Brian Castner recommends a book on the toll violence has taken on Iraq.

LeVar Burton Reads 'Go The [Expletive] To Sleep'

To any over-exhausted parents who suspect they're hallucinating, we assure you: Former Reading Rainbow host LeVar Burton gave a reading of the 2011 best-seller this weekend.

Lifted On Giant Inner Tubes, An Old Tree Moves In Michigan

A 250-year-old oak tree once stood in the way of the University of Michigan's new business school until it was moved this weekend. It wasn't easy, though, and definitely not cheap.

Student Who Was Hospitalized After School Shooting In Washington Dies

A student opened fire in a cafeteria in Washington state on Friday, killing another student. A second wounded teenager died on Sunday, hospital officials said.

Evacuations Possible As Lava Continues To Flow From Hawaii Volcano

Lava from the Kilauea volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii is approaching a rural town.

Giants Pound Royals 11-4 To Tie World Series

San Francisco roared past Kansas City Saturday to even the series and force the deciding games back to the Royals' hometown.