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Uncovering The Heart Of Chopin Literally

It sounds like something out of a Dan Brown novel. But a secret group of 13 gathered earlier this year to exhume the preserved heart of one of the world's most beloved composers, Frederic Chopin.

Frozen over outside spigot.

How To Handle Freezing Temperatures? Atlanta Officials, Weather Service Have This Advice

Mayor Kasim Reed says that residents should remember "the four P's": people, pipes, plants and pets.

Are Modafinil's Brain-Boosting Benefits Hype Or Science?

Modafinil has been approved for treatment of narcolepsy, but it's often used to improve mental performance. The question is, does it work? A new study says probably not.

Why Sterilization Is The Most Popular Form Of Family Planning

The tragic news from India of women dying after being sterilized is not the norm. More than 200 million women a year rely on this procedure. Under proper conditions, complications are minimal.

In California, That MRI Will Cost You $255 Or $6,221

It's almost impossible to comparison shop for medical tests and procedures. A crowdsourcing experiment by two NPR member stations in California is aimed at making those numbers less mysterious.

Tweet In The Holiday With Recipes On Twitter

Test your ability to tweet a recipe in 140 characters or less. Amateur cook and writer Maureen Evans tells us how she manages to do that, and breaks down her code in her Twitter cookbook, Eat Tweet.

Is Beauty In The Eye(Lid) Of The Beholder?

Half of people of Asian descent have double eyelids folds above the lash line and the other half don't. There's a controversial surgery some people get to give themselves that crease.

Sen. Johnny Isakson

Sen. Isakson Kicks Off 2016 Re-Election Bid

The Republican, who'll be seeking his third term, told about 200 supporters Monday that he wants to keep fighting to build up Georgia's infrastructure.