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U.K. Approves Joining Anti-ISIS Airstrikes In Iraq

The parliamentary vote comes after Prime Minister David Cameron urged MPs to authorize participation, saying the self-declared Islamic State poses a "clear and proven" danger to his country.

Chatham County Votes to Dissolve Savannah-Chatham Police Merger 8-0

A unanimous vote by the county led to the dissolution of the Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police Dept. Merger

A Concert With Jay-Z (And India's Leader) Aims To End Poverty

The Global Citizen Festival is live in New York (and on TV) on Saturday. The superstar-studded event is designed to encourage concertgoers to care about the issues as well as the celebrities.

China: 'Serious' Terrorist Attack Kills 50 In Xinjiang

First reports of the attack in the largely Muslim region last Sunday said two people had died, but state-run media now say the toll is much higher.

More Protests In Ferguson Follow Police Chief's Video Apology

Thomas Jackson, who apologized in a video released Thursday for the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown, faced protesters calling for his resignation.

And The Million Dollar Hult Prize Goes To A Doc In A Box

The challenge: come up with a plan to improve healthcare in slums. There were 11,000 entries, featuring everything from bees to chewing gum as part of the proposal. And the winner is...

Everything Dies, Right? But Does Everything Have To Die? Here's A Surprise

Meet two animals. Both are teeny. Both live in water. Both mature extra fast. But while one dies in about a week, the other well, prepare to be amazed.