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2 More Georgia Banks Close

Regulators have closed two small banks in Georgia, bringing the total number of closures in the state this year to 19. Nationwide, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. has closed 70 banks.

Georgia Manufacturing Looking Up

Manufacturing in Georgia is looking up after a four month downward spiral according to Don Sabbarese, Director of the Econometric Center at the Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University. Georgia’s Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) for August has shown a 7.4 index increase from the month of July, bringing in a final index of 58.1.

Deal Asks For Disaster Declaration

After crop loss reports Governor Deal asks for 157 counties to be named disaster areas. Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black hopes formal declaration will come soon. Ongoing drought is hurting farmers all over the state.

Business Bright For Solar Companies

Three solar manufacturers in the nation have gone belly up in recent months because they can’t keep up with cheaper production in China. But Georgia solar companies are weathering the global market fluctuation favorably...some even benefiting from it.

Government Construction Strong On Coast

Private construction remains relatively weak compared with publicly-financed projects right now. And Savannah's Chatham County wants businesses to know just how to ask for the work. County officials this week held a workshop for builders as they expect about $40 million worth of new public facilies to go up soon.

Insurers Seek Higher Rates

Georgia homeowners are likely in line for another round of rate-hikes on their insurance premiums. Several of the state’s largest insurers are asking the Department of Insurance for rate increases.

Coastal Training Center Adds Jobs

The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center says it will fill 48 positions in Glynn County by moving some human resources operations there from Washington, D.C. The training center said Monday the Department of Homeland Security, which includes FLETC, has folded its main human resources department into the training center's division to consolidate operations and reduce costs by $1.5 million this year.

WORKING: A Message From The Boss

Workplace coach, therapist and consultant Brandon Smith explains how company leaders – managers, CEOs – should address the uncertain economy and their company’s health with their employees.

Ga. Farmers Planting Less Food

The new state immigration law has some Georgia farmers planting less food for the Fall harvest. They’re worried about a worker shortage.

Broilers Get Bailout

USDA has purchased 40-million dollars in chicken. Poultry will be sent to food pantries and programs like Meals on Wheels. Chicken producers hope move will boost sagging poultry prices.