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Georgia Revenues Up 9%

Georgia tax collections rose more than 9 percent compared to the same month the year before. State officials said that individual income tax collections rose by 13.4 percent, while corporate tax collections increased 14.2 percent.

What Does Business-Friendly Mean?

President Obama’s American Jobs Act, unveiled Thursday, would reduce some federal payroll taxes on business, which he says will create jobs. Georgia tax code imposes a relatively light tax burden on businesses, earning it praise for being “business-friendly.” But what does it mean that Georgia is business-friendly, and is it boosting job growth?

Drought Prompts Disaster Status

159 Georgia counties are now federal disaster areas. News of the declaration came Thursday from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Since April, extreme drought conditions have devastated crops statewide.

Delta Cuts Jobs

Delta Air Lines Inc. is laying off 200 workers, most of them at its headquarters in Atlanta. The world's second-biggest airline said in July that 2,000 workers were taking voluntary buyouts. It is cutting its fall schedule more than expected and has said it needs to reduce costs to match. Airlines have been coping with unusually high fuel prices and lukewarm demand from business travelers.

Lowe's Announces 600 Jobs

The Lowe's chain of home improvement stores is bringing a new distribution center to northwest Georgia. Governor Nathan Deal attended the groundbreaking ceremony Wednesday morning in Rome. The facility is expected to eventually create 600 new jobs for the area.

Manufacturing Up, But Many Still Jobless

Georgia's manufacturing sector is hiring but the jobless rate isn't going down. Some manufacturers are pointing to a shortage of skilled workers as one reason the state isn't reaping the benefits of an uptick in manufacturing. Some manufacturers are having to search outside the state for workers with highly techical skills.

Georgia Power Expands Solar Investment

Georgia Power is taking bids for a project that will generate enough solar energy to power 20,000 homes. It’s the company’s largest solar undertaking. The Public Service Commission charged Georgia Power to expand its solar investment earlier this year.

Fisheries Service Protects Sturgeon

The Commerce Department is still waiting to sign off on a plan to deepen the Savannah harbor. Georgia officials want a deeper port to serve larger ships. But the federal Marine Fisheries Service has concerns about habitat loss for endangered shortnose sturgeon. An official says, there's no timeline, but a report to make a decision is coming.

Lawmaker Wants New Hotel Tax Law

A Georgia lawmaker wants to exempt online travel companies from paying local occupancy taxes when they book hotel rooms. Republican State Senator Josh McKoon of Columbus says the driving force behind his bill is to fuel a rewrite of long-standing state laws on the collection of occupancy taxes.

WORKING: Promotion Without Pay

Productivity has been a big buzz word during the recent recession and sluggish recovery. So imagine being offered that promotion you have been wanting, but no extra money to go with it. What do you do? Our workplace and career expert has some ideas.