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Georgia State Fair Cancelled

Authorities say a group that operates the Georgia State Fair, which has been held in Macon since 1851, has voted not to hold the event next year. The decision was made by the Exchange Club of Macon, which has operated the fair since 1942.

Carpet Giant Announces Layoffs

Executives of Dalton-based Shaw Industries say the carpet company is laying off employees at plants in the northwest Georgia cities of Ringgold and Eton. Shaw is one of the major employers in the Dalton area, where the economy depends heavily on firms that produce floor coverings. The Dalton area is known as the carpet capital of the world, but the industry has struggled in recent years.

Wells Fargo To Test Debit Card Fees

Wells Fargo will begin charging some Georgia customers $3 a month to use their debit cards. Georgia is one of four states where a pilot program will tack on the fee every month when a debit card is used. The pilot begins in October.

Kia May Expand West Ga. Workforce

Suppliers for the Kia Motors plant in West Point say they're considering expanding their workforces in preparation for the automaker's plan to construct the Optima sedan. The Georgia plant is scheduled to begin producing the 2012 model-year Optima later this year. Kia began hiring employees in April in anticipation for the new vehicle

Balancing Water Conservation and Energy Needs

More than half the water in Georgia is used to make electricity. From nuclear to hydro-power, just about every river in the state has some kind of power plant on its banks. But as Georgia’s population and energy needs grow, there are concerns about the health of rivers, especially in times of drought.

Brunswick Port To Get $5 Million Upgrade

Georgia Ports Authority has signed an agreement with a Canadian firm to upgrade the Port of Brunswick. The Logistec Corporation will spend $5 million to deepen container berths and improve the facility that handles wood pellets. Ports spokesman Robert Morris says, the Brunswick port is close to customers making and exporting wood pellets from the heart of Georgia's timber land.

Ga. Included In Beef Recall

At least three major grocery store chains are recalling certain packages of ground beef due to possible E. coli contamination. The recalls at Winn-Dixie, Publix Super Markets and Kroger mainly in the southeastern U.S. stem from meat from National Beef Packaging Company of Dodge City, Kansas. The recalls affect products sold mainly in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina and Tennessee, but the meat could have been distributed nationwide.

Biomass Plant Brings Jobs

Developers are building Georgia's largest biomass plant in Laurens County. Plant will burn 1.2 million tons of wood waste per year. Developers are finalizing an agreement to sell the energy to Georgia Power.

Grants Help Small Businesses Export Products

Small agricultural businesses in Georgia and the South can get money to help sell their products abroad through a program with the Southern U.S. Trade Association. The group began accepting applications in August for federal money that will pay up to half of companies’ marketing costs to expand their exports.

Chatham Officials Move Hotel Forward

Chatham County Commissioners are going forward with more study of a proposed hotel on Hutchinson Island. The hotel would be next to Savannah's waterfront convention center and could get some public financing. County officials say, private companies won't build the hotel without some kind of public support.