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New Research May Make It Easier To Detect Dementia

Researchers at the University of Georgia may be one step closer to improving dementia diagnosis. They are using a type of MRI to track brain activity.

WORKING: It Matters Where You Sit

Some companies are starting to micromanage who sits where in the office—to the level of putting specific workers next to each other and separating people who work in the same department. The idea is to foster creativity and encourage innovative thinking. Workplace expert Brandon Smith says it can have that effect, as long as organizations are careful and deliberate about how they implement such a strategy.

As You Hit The Online Sales, Beware Of Scammers

Cyber Monday is one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. But as you get ready to search for deals, be aware that scammers are waiting.

Radio Ads Duel Over Georgia Power Rate Hike

The radio has become the latest battleground in Georgia Power’s fight to increase electric rates for consumers across the state. AARP Georgia took to the airwaves opposing the idea November 20 just two days after Georgia Power and several interveners in the rate increase case signed on to a settlement agreement.

Georgia Malls Fill For Black Friday, Er, Thursday

Thousands of Georgians wrapped up their Thanksgiving meal and then hit the stores as Black Friday bled into Thursday evening this year. Shoppers lined up well before 6 p.m. Thursday at the Mount Berry Square Mall in Rome for deals on footwear, more than two hours before retailers opened their doors.

WORKING: Shopping On The Clock

Susan’s boss gathered the team and took them to a long lunch. Then they stopped a nearby fashion accessories store to do a little shopping. All of this happened during the workday. Susan feels guilty about shopping during work and is uncomfortable with the time away from the office. Workplace expert Brandon Smith says the problem isn’t so much the outing as the boss’s failure to explain its purpose.

Savvy Shoppers Demand, And Get, Better Holiday Bargains

As you begin your holiday shopping—perhaps Thanksgiving night or Black Friday—you can expect to find some great deals this year. Retailers are fighting harder to get customers and that means more sales. Kyle Jackson, Georgia State Director of the National Federation of Independent Business, says retailers started their holiday promotions early to compensate, and more small businesses are using social media to reach customers.

Georgia Peanut Exports Nearly Triple

Georgia farmers sent nearly three times as many peanuts oversees this year than in 2012, though that figure may be a little deceptive. While it's true there are new foreign markets opening up to Georgia peanuts, this enormous year-over-year jump in exports is a product of mother nature, said Tyron Spearman, executive director of the Peanut Buying Points Association in Tifton. "We made a bumper miracle crop last year," he said, explaining that the peanuts that get sold in a given year are usually grown the year before. "We went from about a 3,600 pound average yield per acre to a 4,500 pound average yield per acre, so we had extra peanuts at lower prices and that brought in the world market.

Not Much Extra Hiring For The Holidays

Georgians looking to pick up some extra work for the holidays probably won’t see more opportunity to do that this year than in recent years. Retailers are forecasting about 20,000 seasonal jobs in Georgia for October, November and December, according to the Georgia Retail Association. That tracks closely with last year’s hiring.

Group Says 60,000 Georgians Will Pay More For Health Insurance

Sixty thousand of Georgia’s nearly 10 million residents will see the cost of their healthcare coverage increase under the Affordable Care Act. That’s according to a report released Thursday by the liberal healthcare consumer watchdog Families USA. Families USA says 0. 6 percent of Georgians will have their health coverage terminated because it doesn’t meet the new standards of the Affordable Care Act.