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Senate Confirms Loretta Lynch As Attorney General

After a five-month delay, Lynch will be the first black woman to lead the Justice Department. Now she has to build a relationship with the same Congress that stalled her confirmation.

Teen Hit And Killed By Train

17-year-old boy walking along the train tracks has been struck and killed by a freight train.

Live Tweets: Day 3 Of Boston Marathon Bombing Trial's Penalty Phase

A Boston jury is weighing whether Dzhokhar Tsarnaev should be put to death for his crimes.

National Park Tourism In Georgia Generates Economic Benefit

This visitor spending supported over 6,000 jobs in the state, and cumulatively benefited to the state economy of $531.7 million.

Lunch With Monet, Dinner With Jackson Pollock

Two new books focus on the culinary lives of these two artists. Turns out, their approaches to food provide a new way of thinking about their two very different approaches to art.

State Attorney General Sam Olens

Sam Olens: Georgia Will Respect Supreme Court Decision On Gay Marriage

State Attorney General Sam Olens says his office will abide by any ruling the US Supreme Court will make on same-sex marriage.

More Whistleblowers Say Health Plans Are Gouging Medicare

Federal authorities are investigating claims that some Medicare Advantage health plans have overcharged the government for years by claiming that patients are sicker than they are.

Watch A Time-Lapse Video Of The Calbuco Volcano Erupting In Chile

It had been more than 40 years since the Calbuco volcano erupted. It's blown twice this week generating striking images and concerns over the effects of both the lava and a mammoth cloud of ash.

Michael Brown's Parents File Civil Suit Against Ferguson And Former Officer

The wrongful death lawsuit names Darren Wilson, the former police officer who shot Brown, 18, last August. It does not name a specific monetary amount in potential damages.

Billionaire Antony Ressler Purchases Atlanta Hawks

According to a source from the Atlanta Journal Constitution the sale figure is believed to be about $750 million. Depending on how much debt is assumed by the new owners, that figure could fluctuate.