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Greeks Will Vote On Whether to Pay EU's Price For Financial Bailout

Lenders from the European Union and International Monetary Fund want austerity measures to continue for another five months in Greece in exchange for $16 billion in aid.

Obama: Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Ruling 'A Victory For America'

The president spoke at the White House Rose Garden following the announcement of the ruling affirming the constitutional right of same-sex couples to marry.

Looking Back On An Historic Day: Same-Sex Marriages Begin In Georgia

Just after 10 am, emails starting pinging and breaking news alerts dinging. The Supreme Court ruled gay couples have a right to marry in all 50 states.

New Volley In Trump Vs. Univision Fight

The mogul and GOP presidential candidate has barred network employees from his golf course. Univision had dumped the partially-Trump-owned Miss USA Pageant after Trump disparaged Mexican immigrants.

Save Wildlife, Save Yourself?

Protecting the environment may reduce many diseases, such as Lyme and West Nile, a study finds. The tantalizing idea suggests that conservation and human health may be more connected than we thought.

Same-Sex Couples Marry In Savannah - Bans On Gay Marriage Overturned

In a history making decision by the US Supreme Court, all states are legally required to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples.

ESPN Brings Betting Talk To The Mainstream

ESPN wants to cater to its entire audience casual and hard-core fans, fantasy players and people who've got a wager on the game. Now it's more open about a topic leagues and networks have avoided.

How Key Republicans Helped Obama To Biggest Week Of His Second Term

Their role in moving major issues in the president's direction from health care and trade to same-sex marriage and the Confederate flag was remarkable.

A Muslim-Jewish Love Story On Egyptian TV Sends Sparks Flying

The soap opera features an Egyptian Muslim army officer in love with an Egyptian Jewish woman. It's airing daily during Ramadan and is proving both popular and controversial.

Report: ISIS Goes Door-To-Door Killing Scores Of Civilians In Kobani

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights calls it a massacre and the worst such incident carried out by ISIS fighters since last year.