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New Hampshire Primary: Trump And Sanders Win Big; Kasich Second

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump won convincing victories in New Hampshire. On the Republican side, the Republican establishment lane fractured further with John Kasich finishing a surprise second.

Anti-Everything: The Culture Of Resistance Behind Rihanna's Latest Album

The Barbadian pop star's album Anti includes so many musical styles that it's been tagged "adrift" or "confusing." But there's method and plenty of Caribbean history behind the madness.

6 Headlines, A Day After The New Hampshire Primary

The morning after, there's plenty to say about the results from New Hampshire, whether it's Republican John Kasich's surprising No. 2 finish or the "Bernie sandwich."

After Months Of Focus On Just 2 States, Candidates Scramble To Appeal To 2 More

Iowa and New Hampshire have spoken, each in its own unique accent. Now the race moves on to Nevada and South Carolina, states quite different from the first two, and quite different from each other.

Not Ready To Stop Obsessing Over Beyonce And 'Formation'? We Got You

So you've watched the music video, and the halftime show, eleventy million times. Now, let these smart takes help you parse all the feels.

Chess Wars: 20 Inmates, 5 Weeks, 1 Champion

Deep in the woods of New Hampshire, 20 inmates are engaged in a fierce chess tournament in a secluded prison. The prize may be just a paper certificate, but even then, winning means a lot.

U.S. Churches Offer Safe Haven For A New Generation Of Immigrants

A dozen congregations are harboring immigrants facing deportation. It echoes the sanctuary movement of the 1980s, when hundreds of churches sheltered Central Americans escaping war and violence.

Ferguson Approves Police And Courts Overhaul With Some Changes

The agreement, negotiated by the city of Ferguson, Mo., and the Justice Department, is expected to cost the city more than $2 million per year. The city council altered the plan to reduce that cost.

Key Moments From The U.S. Spy Chief's Annual 'Litany Of Doom'

In testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee, National Intelligence Director James Clapper says "unpredictable instability has become the new normal."

#MemeOfTheNight: Bernie Sandwich

An MSNBC host accidentally called the candidate "Bernie sandwich." Sanders supporters and adversaries on Twitter jumped in.